Whats Microsoft's .Net Plan?


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Jan 31, 2002
Kill Java. MS software everywhere.

Simple. The title says it all.

.Net is nearly identical to J2EE and J2SE in many ways. The main language is nearly identical, the VM concept and execution is nearly identical, nearly everything about .Net is nearly identical to Java and its platform.

MS has had its eyes on Java for years. It seriously competes with MS technologies for server enterprise applications on networks and over the internet. It also competes in many other areas. MS wants supremacy. Its wants it bad. .Net is its weapon.

.Net's platform independence will allow them to spread their software to other platforms. This is potentially advantageous for them for a variety of reasons.

And don't forget their tendency to embrace and extend. They could very well do this with .Net (even though they came up with it). Get other platforms to implement .Net (they are currently), then come up with proprietary changes to it. Then developers will develop for MS's proprietary .Net and the programs won't work as well on other platforms. They've done it before...

Scary stuff, ain't it?



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Jul 18, 2001
To Do the Impossible

I posted this in another thread. Basically what .Net (and the entire initiative of 1 :) ) is trying to turn the entire internet into html/xml (basic site) and .net (uses and programming language other then Java) Vs. right now html/xml and Java. This is nearly impossible beacause evey time u see anything that looks half way decent its Java. And u cant stop millions of programing students, professionals, and hobbyists world wide. This is all part of Bill Gates master plan. Do the impossible become god. This is why we must spread the word and stop M$. oops little off topic there but its true.