What's the best Macbook currently available for £1000?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by nervousrhino, May 10, 2018.

  1. nervousrhino macrumors newbie

    Nov 30, 2014
    My sister is in urgent need of a new laptop as Windows laptop broke and she has an assignment due; she wants a Macbook.

    The budget is £1000 (or £1100 considering she has student discount). She's a student so performance is important as she does a lot of word/document processing and a bit of image editing, in addition to media consumption. Also ideally this should last a couple of years which probably rules out any 128gb options.

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice
  2. Glmnet1 macrumors 6502a

    Oct 21, 2017
  3. Ifti macrumors 68000

    Dec 14, 2010
    Could be selling my late 2013 MacBook Pro 15" soon.....
    Was configured max spec, including the 1TB SSD option - spec in sig.......
  4. darkpaw macrumors 6502


    Sep 13, 2007
    London, England
    I'm selling a Space Grey MacBook. Here's the specs:
    Apple MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015)
    1.3GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD
    Model Number: A1534 (EMC 2746)

    Your sister can have it for £1000. Saves me trying to sell it on eBay, and paying their exorbitant fees!

    It's not the fastest machine in the world, but it easily handles word processing and image editing.

    As others have said, you can get a MacBook Air (which doesn't have a retina screen), or a MacBook Pro (more expensive, but faster).

    Totally up to you :)
  5. Tech198 macrumors G5

    Mar 21, 2011
    Australia, Perth
    256GIg MBA can handle basic stuff, even 128Gig would be enough. with 8gig standard.
  6. Nbd1790 macrumors regular

    Jan 2, 2017
    New York
    Hold out for the conference that is literally happening on Monday. From what a lot of people are saying, a new cheaper version of the MBA is supposed to be released. Worse case scenario, you buy the MBA after the conference.

    If you're looking for a pro model, your best bet is getting a used 2014/2015 MBP. Aside from a 1tb configuration, you shouldn't have an issue finding one in good condition and within your price point.

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