What's the best VOIP service that works over networks?

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by east85, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Can you get away with using VOIP on a network rather than wifi (via jailbreak, etc)? Is there a service out there that makes setup easy? I'd like to have a forwarding service from my number to a VOIP number, or something like that. I've heard of people saving minutes using google voice and stuff like that.

    Any help would be appreciated. Even maybe a crash course on this.

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    I'm just updating this to say that I've opted for a app called Talkatone. I disabled all ads for $10. It basically does SMS, MMS, and calling over the network and wi-fi. It relies completely on Google Voice. What does this mean? It means I get unlimited calling and SMS/MMS for free on my phone. I just pay for the data. I've opted to go with T-Mobile's $30 100 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data pay by the month plan, which allows up to 5GB at 4G speeds. I currently only get 3G and I am absolutely fine with that. Calls work flawlessly over Google Talk with Talkatone. Google Talk voicemail integrates nicely.

    Drawback? No roaming, visual voicemail, etc. Positive, 30 dollars a month for unlimited everything, no contract.
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    The app says it operates over network 3G. Currently, T-mobile doesn't guarantee 3G for the iPhone (only in limited areas). In addition to that, the site says that: "jailbreak may interfere with multi-tasking," and it lists only the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as compatible.

    There are several apps that give you free calling over wi-fi, however. Here are three:
    Vonage (I use and like this one: It uses your existing cell phone number)
    Text+ (I use and like this one; it gives you a brand-new number)

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