What's the cheapest (yet safe) option of external storage for an iPhone 6?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by iRock1, Dec 26, 2015.

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    I pretend to use my iPhone 6 for video recording purposes. I have a little tripod and tripod-adaptor that work very well. The only problem is that my iPhone 6 has only 16 GB, while I like to record in 1080p at 60 fps.

    That's the reason why I want to find a decent external-storage solution. What would you recommend me?

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    Perhaps you could go on amazon and do a search such as "Wireless Portable Hard Drive iPhone" or something similar. There you'll see certain hard drive options (some up to 2tb) that create their own wifi signal which you can transfer stuff to and from your iPhone, or other devices, with.
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    it depends on how you want to connect to it: wirelessly, or with cable?
    Portability? Mobility : can I access from anywhere

    The WD clouds are a good option if they fall in your price range.
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    I really like the Airstash product. You can connect wirelessly to it via iPhone, iPad or Android device with its own wifi. Then it has SD cards that you can use interchangeably. Then you can also USB into a computer. I have been using it for the last year for everything at work with my PC and then also have access to anything on it via my iPhone. It's very portable as well.
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    May 19, 2015
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    The thing with those Wi-Fi devices is that I'm afraid they might fail. I think a Lightning-connected approach would be safer, specially when it comes to shooting videos that could be not recorded and lost forever.

    I like it and it seems to be the most affordable choice from all the ones mentioned above. However, I'm under the impression that you can't record and save a video directly in that external device, and instead it works as a sort of flashdrive to transfer files that already exist on the phone to a computer. Am I wrong?

    I'd say cable is a better option, for the aforementioned reasons.

    And what do you mean by portability or mobility? I think any of these devices would allow you to transfer your files from the iPhone to a MacBook on the road...

    Sorry, what device is that specifically?

    The Mophie one seems expensive, and remember that what I'm looking for here is a device as affordable as possible.

    The Leef product seems exactly like what I need, though I'm a little but suspicious about the fact that you have to use their proprietary app in order to record a video and save it directly to the device. Have you tried it?

    Regarding your comment on the wireless alternatives, I fully concur. I wouldn't want to run any risks of a lost connection when recording a video!
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    May 19, 2015
    I haven't personally used it but it has a decent rating on Amazon and some high reviews of it, definitely read over some of those.

  8. AlliFlowers Contributor


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    You are correct.

    Just discovered this one. It looks amazing! Evidently you can save directly to the iBridge. The reviews look good, and it's not price prohibitive.
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    Well, in that case the device that you recommended wouldn't work. My problem is that I have a 16 GB iPhone and it's almost full. That's why I need something like the iBridge.

    The iBridge certainly looks exactly like what I need. My only concern is that it needs a proprietary app in order to record and take photos. This leads me to a series of questions: is that app really reliable? Does it offer all the shooting options that the stock Camera app has (resolution, fps, etc.)?

    Also, if you are aware of other options, please tell me. Remember that I want to save as much money as possible :).

    Thanks all for your suggestions!
  10. iRock1, Jan 12, 2016
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    Apr 23, 2011
    By the way, I'm seeing in Amazon some devices that work similarly, but instead of having a USB port they have a MicroSD card reader (even Leef has one of these, though it's sort of poorly reviewed).

    They tend to be more affordable, but I don't know. Couldn't they be a viable solution? I like the fact that they are notably cheaper and you aren't limited by the size of the internal memory like the iBridge.

    EDIT: Here's what I'm talking about: http://www.leefco.com/iaccess

    EDIT 2: Check out this one: http://www.amazon.com/WhitePoplar-L...6178&sr=1-3&keywords=sd+card+reader+lightning. It's only 23 bucks and supports a lot of connections (MicroSD, SD, Lightning and the Android port).

    @tsevince @AlliFlowers I don't know what you guys think...

    EDIT 3: I've asked Leef support and they've confirmed me their app doesn't support Full HD video recording. Really a shame. No way I'll buy one of those then...

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