Whats the deal with Garage Band on the iPad? Am i doing something wrong?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by maf2k8, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Jul 14, 2009
    Ok a few questions and maybe some advice...

    The 1st question is really bugging me..

    1) Can i import a song ( if so, what format does it need to be in ) i like to import backing tracks of songs into garage band ( just the drums, bass and vocals ) and then i lay down some guitar tracks...Each time i go to import a song thru itunes/apps/garage band app /add song...The song is never there on the iPad. Its MP3 format, so i need to convert it to something different? or is this not even possible on the iPad with Garage Band?

    2) I have tried plugging my guitar straight into my iPad 2 with a 1/4-3.5 cable and using the built in amps, and its has horrible noise and sound quality.. ( ill admit i get a good clean amp sound, but for distorted its crap ) I have tried running Headphones OUT on my guitar preamp ( Line 6 PODxt, So i can plug in my headphones and jam without a problem ) but if i plug it into the iPad 3.5 and choose audio recorder ( not guitar because i dont want to use the iPad built in amps ) its still has a nasty, noisy , sound...

    I just picked up iRig ( which pretty much a 3.5 to 1/4 adapter which i already have but it has a headphone jack built into it which is nice ) I tried this, and the sound quality still is not there? I am confused...

    I am not expecting studio quality from the iPad so dont get me wrong, but if i build a amp on my PODxt ( say a Marshall JCM with a 4x12 cab ) and i plug in my headphones to the preamp and it sounds good thru my headphones, why wouldn't it sound the same on the iPad as it does thru my headphones? ( i am talking about, recording, not the actual speaker quality.

    Any advice on either of the 2 questions?

    So far the best way i have found to record distorted guitar is by using my Blue Yetti USB mic, plugged into the USB port on the camera connection kit and just mic my cab BUT i cant do this if i want to lay down some tracks late at night..

    Suggestions, Help, Advice would be great...Thanks!
  2. langis.elbasunu macrumors regular


    Sep 19, 2007
    are you sure its not defaulting to the internal mic and not using the line in? You should not get machine noise on the iRig but you will get SOME on a direct input. youtube the issue

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