What's the fastest you've ever driven?

Discussion in 'Community' started by mooshoo, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. mooshoo macrumors regular

    Apr 14, 2004
    What's the fastest you've ever driven?
    I was so excited about installing a performance chip into my car so I decided to go and test it out. Supposedly I got a 40 hp gain, but I haven't gotten a chance to dyno it out yet. But, on the straightaways I got it up to 195 mph, before I ran out of road. Wow. Can't wait to find out how fast it'll go on race gas!
  2. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    in my datsun 610 i would say half that speed ;)

    in my nissan maxima sw, when i was older and more mature, about 80 mph

    and now in my volvo dl sw, i would say only 70 mph

    ...can you see a trend here?

    i like speed but not with my cars and me in the driver's seat and cops on the road ready to ticket me...but i have gone over 500 mph a few times but that's when i am on a transcontinental flight as a passenger...i always wanted to know what it was like to go supersonic on a concorde

    on land i think i have been somewhere around 200 mph on a bullet train in japan and that was amazing...and in the 70s...but i know now there are trains that go even faster these days
  3. Mav451 macrumors 68000


    Jul 1, 2003
    I've pushed maybe 110MPH in a '97 Toyota Avalon--one helluva clunky car (compared to the smaller and more agile '02 Civic in the garage)

    'course, nowadays, I hardly push even 70 unless I'm even on a 65MPH highway...I guess i got tamed after I got pulled for doing 85 in a 55.
  4. musicpyrite macrumors 68000


    Jan 6, 2004
    Cape Cod
    Well, considering I'm only 15, and in the great state of Massachusetts, it is illegal for me to even sit behind the wheel of a car,

    I have to say I've never driven a car.....

    .....about 5am one sunday morning I hit 70 mph in a wal-mart parking lot. :D :D :D
  5. stoid macrumors 601


    Feb 17, 2002
    So long, and thanks for all the fish!
    My only vehicle. '93 GMC Suburban. I think at one point I was going about 100. I can't say for sure though because the speedometer stops at 85. :D
  6. Neserk macrumors 6502a


    Jan 1, 2004
    Guessing? I know I've gone 80. Don't know if I've gone over that. It is possible.
  7. Vlade macrumors 6502a


    Feb 2, 2003
    Meadville, PA
    125 in my 1.8T Volkswagon Passat, I think I can get it up to 130 where the speed governor kills the engine, but I ran out of road, and I haven't had a chance to try again because I always have someone in the car with me that doesn't want to go fast.
  8. brogers macrumors regular

    Apr 6, 2002
    Greensboro, NC
  9. Duff-Man macrumors 68030


    Dec 26, 2002
    Albuquerque, NM
    Duff-man says...while driving around in germany with a friend of mine (actually, he was driving at the time) we had the rented alfa-romeo up to 200kph on the autobahn...oh yeah!
  10. MoparShaha macrumors 68000


    May 15, 2003
    San Francisco
    Fastest I've driven was in my friend's dad's Corvette C5. Got it up to 130 MPH on I-580 near Oakland. Would have gone faster, but there was quite a bit of traffic ;).

    In my old Plymouth Acclaim V6, I drove around 120 MPH on occasion in southern California. Unfortunately, I was pulled over one of those times. While I was able to keep my licence, my insurance shot up to $4000 a year. Suffice it to say, I don't drive anymore :(.
  11. aus_dave macrumors regular

    Jan 6, 2004
    Same situation as Duff-Man - a work colleague on a German autobahn took us up to 195 km/h in his BMW (at night, which was a bit disconcerting at first :D).

    I've also travelled at 100 km/h in a taxi through a 40 km/h zone in Lisbon :eek:.

    Thought I'd add the conversion factors in too:

    100 kph = 62 mph
    100 mph = 160 kph
  12. bousozoku Moderator emeritus

    Jun 25, 2002
    Gone but not forgotten.
    130 mph in a 1980 turbo Ford Mustang on a very flat I-70, 75 mph jumping some hills.

    105 regularly in a 1999 VW Golf GLS with the standard 2.0 litre engine.
  13. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    i used to read in car magazines about the fastest mass produced cars vs. the fastest custom cars

    i think the nissan nsx goes 165 mph stock in the usa, and in europe, with after market parts, it goes 185 mph

    for non mass produced cars, i heard the jaguar xj220 can top 200 mph and the porsche 959 can get close to that

    of course that was back in the early 90s when i used to read that type of stuff...i wonder if there is a fairly common mass produced car off the assembly line that can do 200 mph these days?

    ...and i am sure there are custom cars, heavily modified that can near 250 mph but i wonder what they are

    car buffs chime in ;)
  14. pinto32 macrumors 6502

    Oct 19, 2003
    all I will say is you havent truley brushed with death until you go 120mph in a 1991 Toyota Corolla....when it is 13 years old....
  15. Calvinatir macrumors 6502


    Nov 8, 2003
    142 in my RSX on I-10 out near the Cabazon area in southern california near Palm springs...big long straight away with no exits. hehe...i maxed out my 5th gear :)
  16. agreenster macrumors 68000


    Dec 6, 2001
    Walt Disney Animation Studios
    I hate to call you a liar, but....195? That's a bit far-fetched. The fastest most Ferrari's go is 160-ish.

    What are you driving?
  17. MarkCollette macrumors 68000


    Mar 6, 2003
    Toronto, Canada
    How about 195 km/h (121 mph) in a '88 Chrysler LeBaron, when it was ~14 years old? :D
  18. jefhatfield Retired


    Jul 9, 2000
    maybe he was in a porsche 959 or a jaguar xj-220...they go in the neighborhood of that speed

    i saw a ferrari f40 once at the dealership...that car looked like it could go faster than 160-ish ;)

    edit: oh, i found this, check it out :)


    these fifty cars can all do better than 195 mph
  19. G5orbust macrumors 65816


    Jun 14, 2002
    I went 85 in my car once. But that was to outrun some prick on the freeway merge trying to speed past me and not let me in.
  20. pseudobrit macrumors 68040


    Jul 23, 2002
    Jobs' Spare Liver Jar
    I've hit the factory top speed on both my VWs:

    123 in the '94 Jetta across a mile-long bridge in the middle of nowhere.

    115 a few times in my TDI on regular highways. While getting about 40mpg, no doubt.

    The Jetta, while only hitting 8 mph more, was about 400 lbs lighter. It was quite a bit more eventful feeling than hitting 115 in the stodgy fatass Golf.

    Like they say: "better to go fast in a slow car than slow in a fast car."

    BTW, the only way you're adding 40hp to a car with nothing more than a chip is if you're boosting the turbo. If it doesn't have a turbo, there's no way you're getting those kinds of gains.
  21. MattG macrumors 68040


    May 27, 2003
    Asheville, NC
    Just over 100 in a Toyota Corolla I used to have. It was fun :)
  22. jeffy.dee-lux macrumors 6502a

    Nov 19, 2003
    there are a couple very recent 'production cars' that can break 200mph...
    ferrari enzo of course (i think i've heard 218), porsche carrera gt (212 sounds familiar), mercedes slr (maybe 207?)... what i really like though is the ford GT, as it is several hundred thousand dollars cheaper than any of those ones ($140K vs $400K-$600K)... they just finished high speed in italy, ford is downplaying it to 205mph for whatever reason, while i've read several articles saying they had the car up to 212mph several times.
    that car is very impressive, too bad the demand will be so high that dealers will be able to charge a lot more than MRSP, but i guess that happens with any exotic car.

    I'm also very curious to know what the thread starter is driving at 195mph.
  23. AmigoMac macrumors 68020


    Aug 5, 2003
    No, I'm not Schumi...

    But I really can tell you that 220 Km/h are nice ;)

    Like Duff-Mann ... in Germany on the "AutoBahn" ... Ohh Yeah! :p

    P.S I won't do it again... i have a family...
  24. Diatribe macrumors 601


    Jan 8, 2004
    Back in the motherland
    Since I live in Germany most of the time the fastest I have ever driven was 170mph in a Mercedes SL AMG 550. At this speed driving is sorta uncomfortable because you have to monitor everything so closely. I'd say when I do regular driving I drive around 110mph this is the highest speed I can go with actually arriving calm. :D
  25. sushi Moderator emeritus


    Jul 19, 2002
    In a car, about 140 mph (224 Kph). Merkur XR4ti. Rock solid, but no more umph left.

    In a car that bounced into the air (by accident over some train tracks), about 120 mph (192 Kph). Damn near killed me and my best friends on the way to school. Folks car.

    In an AH-1S, at night, under NVGs, about 150 mph (240 Kph). Yes, in case you are wondering, sparks flew as there are no wheels, only skids. Good training!

    Fastest stoped by a policeman and let off: 95 mph (152 Kph) in a 40 mph (64 Kph) Zone. Had a good reason! :D


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