Whats the first thing that drew you to apple products?

Zombie Acorn

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Feb 2, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
I have to admit the first thing that really caught me, and I am not sure when this was implemented was the sleep indicator... it seemed to make the computer alive, like it was waiting to be used and just resting in the mean time... It really makes you wonder how much thought was brought into simple things such as that... as you are breathing in... now out... to your apple product..


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May 1, 2006
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Aperture and Tiger. For the record, although Leopard and Snow Leopard have their advantages, I think for actual work, Tiger is still much better. When I get a Mac Pro, I'll be tempted to simply install Tiger and that's it.

For a long time I had wondered why people were nostalgic of their Quadras and Quiksilvers, but now, almost for years after switching, I get it: there's no Mac like your first one. My best computer, so far, is my low-end Superdrive first gen white MacBook. Going from XP to Tiger was such a relief, and all those hours learning tricks that seemed so... logic. I think I'm gonna cry...

The only computer I could want is, I think, apart from the Tiger workstation, a low end 24inch iMac. Best value for a useful home computer.


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Jan 15, 2009
i think ( sad to admit ) but it might of been the aluminium keyboard haha
just wish my G5 had the bluetooth module, my brothers got a tiny little bluetooth keyboard flapping about his house and i want it haha


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Dec 13, 2008
Final Cut Suite 2, That is what sealed it for me. I also loved the Mac Pro Case, 40 year retired Toolmaker.


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May 23, 2005
Well 16 years ago, when I first started working on Macs, what struck and stayed with me was, "The damn thing just works" and "Wow, this operating system is so beautiful."


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Jul 4, 2005
iTunes 4 and the 3G iPod - the only thing I ever installed and used with my 2001-era PC that actually worked without ANY fiddling. I was absolutely stunned that it worked so well.


Sep 7, 2008
forlod bygningen
The Menu bar. I liked to have access for all applications from one place.

I first saw System 7 in the 90ies, and then emulated it with some add-on for Windows.
When the task bar arrived I put it on the top end of the display most of the time.

And in 2004 I got my first iBook with OS X 10.3 on it. What a relief.

At work we have an older Mac (QS) with 10.2.6 on it, and I'm partially glad I didn't switch before 10.3, because 10.2 can be sometimes a pain in the buttocks with no Exposé, Sidebar, Activity Monitor and Disk Utility (I use a fair amount of external drives for work, and mounting them manually via Disk Utility is impossible, even f the drives show up there).


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Apr 6, 2007
Hummmmm interesting one. I think it was when a friend took me to John Lewis and showed me the ACDs in 2006. I wanted one in my life! Tell you what, the white MacBook and how dirty it looked in-store certainly helped to put me off though!


Jan 18, 2005
I wanted a really good small laptop with a DVD burner with high build quality to last my years at uni. There was only one choice.

Even now that I'm not that big on Apple desktops, I'd still by their laptops.


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Mar 11, 2009
Edinburgh, UK
Got given a tangerine iBook to use for a couple of hours a week in primary school. I thought it was the most beautiful computer I'd ever seen and I loved it.

Bought an iBook G4 5 years later, still have a soft spot for the clamshell iBooks though - gorgeous.


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Jan 15, 2009
thats was it haha

MSN stopped working on my pc laptop and stupid windows wouldnt let me use the old version that worked, ditched the windows forever and joined Mac <3 never looked back :D


Dec 12, 2007
The first I noticed about Apple computers was the style, of course. But once I sampled the OS at work, I loved it - and this was OS9; It just handled much better and smoother I thought and the Performa it was on just kept on truckin'. One of my workmates brought in his blueberry Clamshell MacBook and I loved using it.

Secondly, I was very impressed by my experience at the Apple store and on the phone. The guys weren't pushy or snotty and they were very helpful and polite. My experience with Sony, Dell, and Windows (on several occasions, and my employers problems with HP and Compaq) consistently was testy and condescending (not to mention heavily Indian-accented).

I wouldn't have bought a computer based solely on looks, but it was the whole package that had me convinced. I don't mind a closed system because it means the manufacturer can control every aspect of it - it might seem restrictive but for me I just like the improved quality.

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Dec 21, 2002
Yahooville S.C.
The whole package concept of everything working in harmony vs a bunch of software and hardware all fighting each other to take control. Performa 550 was so cool at the time I thought. Here was everthing in one nice sweet package. I didnt care that the Mac software isle was a little smaller then the pc isle at walmart. The All in one:D Thats what drew me into my first Mac.