What's thebest way to access pdf files (magazines) over wifi from iMac& seeing covers

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    Oct 26, 2012
    at the minute i lob any downloaded magazine and cook book pdfs into my copy.com folder, and then use 'documents to go' to download, but that seems a bit daft. copying from mac to copy.com over the internet, just so i can download from the internet onto the iPad which is in the same room as the iMac.

    what id like ideally is a way of accessing a folder with my magazines in, see it with the icon previews, and download over wifi direct to the iPad, which would be faster and not using my internet bandwidth.

    any way to do it?
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    Dec 5, 2010
    whats best way to access pdf files (magazines) over wifi from iMac& seeing co...

    I'm sure that this app isn't the only one to do this, but GoodReader has an option to access shared folders from a Mac on the same network. I only know of GR because I started with it and never bothered to switch to something else since it worked well for my needs.

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