What's up with Audio for Mac OS X?


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Oct 31, 2001
What is the audio situation for OS X?

Is ProTools going to be availabel for OS X? (I've heard it can't even be used in Classic now...)

We hear all these video apps available for X, but what about Audio? In the Solutions section, it doesn't mention much about Mac OS X audio...

I use this app from Myriad (french company that no one knows...) called Harmony Assistant X, and it is a music notation program as well as audio recorder. It is quite elementary in its functions, but it was just what I needed so I got it.BUT I don't see hardly any other audio apps for X! (SoundStudio from Felt tip I suppose is one of the audio apps, but no "Pro" apps available yet...)

Does anyone know what the audio situation will be like soon for X?

I have a studio at my school that runs ProTools and a Power Mac G4, but when can we switch to the more reliable X???


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Dec 3, 2001
Protools is coming in the last quarter of the year.

They hinted at a fall/autumn release for protools X in messageboard posting on the Digidesign User Conference.

I believe (well hope) the only reason we don't have dual cpu and altivec support yet even though they've had 3 years or so to add it, is that they're putting all their efforts into an OS X version.

Bitheadz have released Unity Session for OS X, Emagic will be releasing Logic 5 for it later in the year and if you can look at the interface without laughing, Cubase SX is out very soon, if not already.

I downloaded the new manual for unity session to check out the features and it seems from breifly skimming through it that OS X has no provision for patch names in core midi yet, that's a bit of a pain in the neck for everyone really so it wouldn't surprise me if there were even more obsticles to overcome when porting an application with a 12 year old codebase such as protools to either cocoa or carbon.

Personally speaking, OS X is only just starting to have enough professional applications in the publishing industry for you to avoid OS 9 alltogether, I think us music types will be waiting a little longer yet but I'd guess by the end of the year most applications will be available to OS X users and we can all say goodbye to OS 9 for good.

Personally speaking, even if they get all the music apps we need out by the end of the year, I'm still hoping they make OS X more Mac OS less NeXT STEP from an interface perpective, I want popup windows and labels at least!
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