What's up with the anti-Turkishness in Europe?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by DoNoHarm, Nov 11, 2008.

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    Oct 8, 2008
    I visited Germany last month to see my brother in law before he is deployed to Iraq. The town he lived in had posters everywhere saying something to the effect of "No mosques here" plastered everywhere. As an American of Turkish origin, it felt like a punch in the stomach to see such hatred on German streets while I was visiting country. I can only imagine what the Turks who are German citizens feel.

    Can you imagine the same poster, but with a synagogue? How can europe still allow this type of hatred to be accepted? I know Germans/Europeans who feel this was are a minority, but come on, how can the majority allow this?

    America has a large Mexican immigrant population, but you don't see Americans displaying large signs saying that we don't want spanish churches. Some cities in Canada, like Toronto have something ike 70% minorities living there. I can only imagine the outcry if some group plastered posters all over a city here saying that a certain religion could not build a church/mosque/synagogue.
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    Far right christian fundamnetalists infect a lot of places. In the US it's the KKK, in Germany it's people trying to stop Mosques being built, in the UK it's the BNP. People hold those views - all we can do is make sure they're not influential and that the right thing happens. Don't kid yourself though, this isn't a Germany only, or Europe only problem.

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    I know there has been tension in Germany as it is one of the only European countries that allows Turkish immigrants. This has led to a large Turk population in Germany. And in smaller towns is where you see the ignorance.

    When I was in Berlin a few years ago, they seemed to be doing OK there. Plus, Turkish guys are beautiful. :) Given how pretty most people are in Berlin, they just add even more. ;) Oh- you guys make awesome pizza too.
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    this is an ongoing issue in germany, and makes for a great sociology study. When the economy was good, the germans welcomed turks with open arms ( they wanted people to do the manual labor) when the economy couldnt handle the influx of turks anymore, the germans put the kibosh on the turks entering germany but the turks didn't stop coming (there was already a large diaspora of turks with family still back in the homeland) this created a large problem not much, if at all, different to the united states and mexicao/latin america
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    It has nothing to do with Christianity, and nothing to do with Turks in particular (far from all Turks are muslims). You'll find the exact same sentiments in predominantly Atheist/Agnostic countries in Europe. Many people are against the spreading of Islam in Europe, and Americans shouldn't even try to claim the higher moral ground here -- if Mexicans were all muslims and came to the American South and built mosques all over the place, the US would've put up a 50 foot high, 10 foot thick wall with insta-kill zap lasers to deter the Mexican islamist invasion.
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    You are bringing up an issue that goes back quite a few decades in Germany in particular. Turkish people came over in quite large numbers as so-called gastarbeiter in the 60s and 70s and have formed, over the years, quite large and established communities there. But just as with Mexicans and other low-wage immigrant groups in the states, there has been a lot of misdirected racism at the Turkish there, often from people facing similar economic hardship. I lived in Cologne for some time and just outside the main city was an area mainly populated by manual laborers and Turks (and some Lebanese). You would find a lot of racist graffiti in that area directed at both the laborers and the Turks. Still, among the 'ordinary' Germans I knew quite a few harbored some sort of resentment towards the Turks (though they also didn't like the 'low class' Germans living in the same area). It wouldn't surprise me if the anti-Turkish (equaling 'Islamic' in simple minds) sentiment has increased since 9/11...

    Sorry this isn't well put together!
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    Dec 25, 2003
    Dornbirn (Austria)
    while i find the "no mosque" arguments ridiculous myself i have to say i can understand quite a bit of resentiments towards the turkish minority
    after all from all minorities they have been the most non-integration willing over the last decades

    in fact i know quite a bit of people who came here from croatia,slovenia and bosnia and they speak normal german/even with dialects ... perhaps because they don't have their own supermarkets, "culture" clubs, sports clubs, restaurants etc. where they only stick around with their own folks

    also bad experiences don't help either... like the 13 year old of a relative being beaten up in front of a cinema while walking home from a movie by some turkish gang "just for fun" ? or the other fun time where some turkish guy pointed a gun toward my friend because he misheard something
    or being beaten up myself during elementary school by some of such guys ?
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    Mar 29, 2003
    May I ask if you were in Berlin? A new Mosque for the Ahmadiyya was built there and because of it there was quite a heated discussion. Although I agree that there are problems in the relationship between Germans and Turks in our country, I would say that it's not normal that such signs hang in the streets, but that this was an isolated thing.

    I want to add that I'm against those signs though.
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    What's anti-Turk about putting up a 'No Mosques Here' sign?
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    May 8, 2005
    Well I think Germans are great. I do business with them and they have been nothing short of fantastic. Very efficient too. Also I'm a sucker for German watches and German cars.

    If you think Germans hate the Turks, maybe you should go to Greece? I lived there a while. Wow Turks aren't hated, they are loathed. The grandmother of my love interest at the time actually said she would have committed suicide if her daughter had dated a Turk.

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