Whats with the UK/Japanese press getting all the PS3's?

Discussion in 'Games' started by sikkinixx, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Ok, before i say any more, please don't start ripping on Sony because of the Lik-Sang thing, or saying awesome Nintendo is, or how Sony wil burn in hell. Post it somewhere else.

    Anyway, I just noticed that IGN has pictures of their shiny new PS3. But it is from the UK division. PSM3 Mag also got that look at a PS3 a few weeks ago before the video was pulled at Sony's request. A few Japanese sites have also had hands on with the system and such.

    It makes sense that the Japanese press get it, since it is like 3 weeks till it launches there. But it doesn't come out in Europe until March and the US launch is less than a month away and none of the major sites (that I have seen anyway) have gotten a unit to mess around with yet.

    Not saying that the Europeans aren't good enough to have one or whatever, just thinking that a lot of people don't read the European game news so they might not see all the hands on stuff. Maybe it is to try and keep some hype going since the EU launch is so far off?
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    I've seen that as well...I guess Sony is trying to make up for the euro push back:)


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