When does the FAN really go off on the Ti550?


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Mar 26, 2002
hey everyone -

here's my question - now that the new TiBooks have been released, I may be considering getting the Ti550. I know there is all this talk about "the fan" and it's noise.

does the fan really go off when you are using MS office, AOL, IE, and maybe itunes.

or does it really only go off when you are using photoshop or some intensive program like that???

thanks for your help, only you all would know



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Mar 9, 2002
On my TiBook 500, the fan only starts when I'm doing intensive stuff such as rendering or working with large files..... (although it can remain on permanently when I'm really pushing it!!)

When I'm doing non intensive suff such as browsing or emailing, the fan hardly ever starts up......

Also makesure that you use the TiBook on a flat surface, as the base is slightly raised so that air can circulate underneath the machine (their is a vent underneath)....

However even when the fan does start up, it's no where near as loud as a PC laptop or a G4 Powermac.......

Don't let the occasional fan operation put you off...... all of the TiBook models are superb.....

Enjoy it!! :) ;) :D


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
re: Ti fan

I have a Rev. A 500 (which I dearly love, but will hopefully replace soon ;)) and the only time the fan goes off is..

- either during processor intensive tasks (photoshopping)
- burning cds into mp3s via iTunes (I'm talking about cd #4 or #5...consecutively)
- whenever I used to watch dvds in OS 9...however dvd player is so much more efficient in X...

don't sweat it too much...many people complain about the fan noise...and while it can be a little bit of an annoyance...it beats having your processor melt without it! ;)
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