When Facetime becomes cellular would I be able video chat with other types of phones?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by redelman431, Jun 23, 2010.

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    Jun 23, 2010
    Through my own investigation through talking to mac store employees and reading reliable sources, what I have found out about Facetime so far is that the fact that it is wifi only is just a temporary thing. Basically there is trend for Apple and many other leading cell phone companies of developing phones that have front cameras for video chats as well. (When I went to the Sony Style store their phones also had front cameras) Many leading cellular companies such as AT&T and Verizon are in the process of constructing networks that support cellular video communication and believe they will be able to complete it by next year. Unlike other cell phone companies that are simply waiting for their provider's completion of a cellular network that supports video conferencing, Apple developed the wifi only Facetime as a stopgap mean of getting such a feature on the market early.

    The Mac store employees told me that by the time AT&T finishes upgrading their network, a simple firmware upgrade will make it do cellular Facetime so you don't have to get a new phone. So once that happens, would I be able to video chat to any phone that supports video chat, only be able to video chat with people on an AT&T network, or only be able to video chat with other Iphone 4's? If you happen to have any form of experience or expertise in cell phones or cellular networks be sure to mention them if you want to strengthen the credibility of your response. Also feel free to support your answers with reliable sources. Thanks.
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    Wow, I almost didn't read that. Where are your paragraph breaks?

    FaceTime is an open standard based on other open standards.

    When other companies and developers get a grasp of it, they'll be able to implement it into their own products, hardware and software.

    When they work with cellular providers who are upgrading their networks everyday, they'll be able to bridge that gap so it can be accessible to everyone eventually.

    I forsee Android phones, laptops, and maybe even "smart televisions" that will use FaceTime in the future.
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    Paragraph problem solved. However the autoformating does not allow me to indent.

    How long would eventually be? Would that require a new phone?

    Laptops already have facetime. Have you heard of Skype?

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