When/how to buy iPhone 6 or 6s and spend as little as possible

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by jeff123816, Jul 7, 2015.

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    I've been considering a move to iOS for a long time now. I'm currently on a Lumia 1520 Windows phone and have been for a long time. Prior to that, I was on Android. I like the Lumia camera but other than that, Windows Phone OS has been in semi-beta (if not officially) status for years and now they're doing yet another OS rewrite for phones which will only increase bugs and make things even less stable. The already limited app selection will suffer as many developers will neglect to update their already out-of-date apps for the new OS.

    So I'm ready to jump ship and I like everything about the iPhone with the exception of the price. I'm on T-Mobile and have been eying the 64 GB iPhone 6 Plus but I just can't justify spending $850, even if it is spread out over 2 years. I've looked at AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint and have determined that it would cost even more to go with any of them. I'm not committed to staying with T-Mobile but they still seem to be the cheapest when considering both the cost of the phone and the monthly plan. My question is, when (if ever) would be the best time to move to an iPhone in terms of device cost? Are prior-year models discounted when new models (like the 6s) are announced? Are there any seasonal sales that I should hold off for? Even used iPhones on Ebay seem to be selling for neae MSRP. Thanks!
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    If you are wanting to buy a new phone through your carrier wait for the 6S this fall. The price will be the same as the 6 is today. The 6 and 6+ are still is great demand and be quite careful at jumping on a deal that is too good to be true. The 6 and 6+ will drop after the 6S drops but not that much.
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    There is usually a price drop of $100 on the previous year's devices. Swappa is usually a good site to buy a used phone off of, and the prices will be cheaper near and after the new iPhone launch than today as people dump their phones in anticipation. Also, with other carriers that $850 price generally gets factored into the monthly plan ckst somehow, so you'll be paying it either way. Your best bet is to hold off until the new one releases toneither buy it, or get a used 6+ at a cheaper price. The only other option is T-Mobile's Jump on Demand program if you don't mind paying the monthly phone cost and want to just lease your phone. You'll be on the hook for 18 months, and need a phone to trade in, but you can "upgrade" 3 times a year. I personally don't like the plan as I will be buying my phones at full MSRP for my own reasons, but for those that don't like owning a phone and like to switch it's a good deal.
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    If you wait for not this 6S but the 7, the iPhone 6 will be significantly cheaper just like how the 5S and 5C are now :)
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    If you do not want to pay the full cost of a new phone (even if it means spreading the cost over two years) then your only option is to buy an used phone (a really old one).
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    Retail prices for the iPhone remain the same from when it's released, until the next model comes out, so 1 year. If you are near the end of it's life cycle, such as now, you are better off waiting until the next model comes out so you can either get the latest or buy the older model for $100 less (even less used).

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