When I click a song to play in iTunes now it says "You are about to start playback"..

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by TH55, Mar 29, 2013.

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    When I am listening to a song on iTunes and I click another one to play it it now prompts me with a popup that says "You are about to start playback. Do you want to clear the song previously added to Up Next?" Wtf?? Is this seriously a new feature of the new iTunes? If so I am going to go back to an older version, that is absolutely stupid. Why would they implement such an intrusive annoying feature?? You should be able to click on a song and it should play. I seriously hope this is just a setting I accidentally activated.
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    Think it's a setting you tripped, I haven't seen this on mine.
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    Please note that the following solution for this problem has been found to work for iTunes for Windows. If any other people using versions of iTunes newer than 11 up the the current version for Windows or the current version of iTunes for Mac OSX that want to append anything to this old thread by all means do so.

    The setting that TH55 has tripped is simply the "Up Next" function which is triggered when you right-click on a song and select "Play Next" instead of double-clicking on the file so that it "Plays Now". Once you clear the "Up Next" queue of items, the problem goes away.

    PS: This message is probably 3 years too late for TH55, but for anyone else getting this message:

    "You are about to start playback. Do you want to clear the <songs in Up next queue> songs previously added to Up Next?"...


    ...press the "Up Next" button (shown below glowing in blue),


    ...then keep clicking the "Clear" button until the "Up Next" list of items is completely empty.


    If you've followed this process correctly, the "Up Next" button will change from a blue glow to the usual grey.


    Problem fixed! Now you can double-click the file name to play what you want without the "You are about to start playback" message.

    More info from CNet about how to use the "Up Next" function (introduced in iTunes 11):

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