When is the next macworld?


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Nov 12, 2001
Im never going to buy a computer at this rate... Ill just keep waiting. And waiting...


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Oct 10, 2001
Victoria, BC, Canada
im not totally sure

I dont know for sure, to tell you the truth. At first I though it was in mi-d february, but I think its in march.

if thats when they do the next speed bump, it will have been 15 months with only a 137mhz gain. once the ghz mark is reached, though, upgrades should come more often


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Jan 8, 2002
Again, time to wait for pro users...

O.k., the iMac looks nice. It's definitly a beautiful designed computer (guess that some win users will try to switch on light with it ...). But it's also the best way to sell "old" computer equipment for a high price. The processors are half a year old (where are the Apollo chips???), the board runs at only 100MHz and no DDR-Rams have been used. Only the grafic card meets the standard.

The speed bumps to the iBooks are a joke. Why does Apple not use the fast G3s from IBM? I can tell you why: nobody buys a iMac with a 800Mhz G4 when he can get a 1GHz G3 iBook. So Apple is also playing with the GHz mystery...

But the main question for me is: where are the pro models? It looks like motorola didn't make it (again) to deliver the demanded processors. My guess is that Steve wanted to show the G5 mac (that was indicated with the teasers on the apple website). It's logical: using G4s for the iMacs, and G5s for pro models.

Again, we have to wait for the pro models...

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