When we'll see Maya 4 for OSX?

When will we see Maya 4 For OSX?

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Jan 18, 2002
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Does anyone have any information regarding the release of Maya 4 for OSX? Personally I think it should come out soon, since its not already out. I tried looking at their webpage but cant find anything(honestly I didnt look very hard cause I have some work to get done). Just wondering if anyone has heard or knows anything?

I think the only reason its not out, or wont be soon is that a new version of Maya may be on the way and so they will just release that sometime within the year? What do you all think?


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Jan 14, 2002
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Well, I think we'll see something later this year definitely from Alias/Wavefront. All the 3D developers are just now getting into looking at the Mac as a serious 3D platform. I've got Lightwave 7.0b running on OS X on my new machine and have had some technical issues to iron out before actually getting to work. I'm still not too confident in it. From the reviews of Maya on OS X, it's a good start but it's got a ways to go. I think there needs to be a dramatic shift towards OS X by studios and such for the developers to really start banging out the software updates. Right now it's slow going. I'm very hopeful though after hearing the news about Apples acquisition of Nothing Real technologies. That means they are definitely wanting to be a serious tool for f/x designers. Maybe they want to be an "SGI lite" for the less than deep-pocketed masses. I guess we'll see.


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Sep 22, 2001
maya 4 on osX

well, maya 4.5/5 for Irix and NT/2000 is supposed to be released soon, (maybe by summer?) so AW might just skip the .5 update and go up one full version to 4.5/5. I think that this is pretty likely because of some of the features that were incorporated into 3.5 for osX. Cross your fingers, cuz once Maya osX runs at the same version as it's platform counterparts, it's going to be awsome! Just wish that they would get some decent workstation vid cards out for the mac... HEY NVIDIA, 3DLABS, ATI, what's the deal!!!!!

BTW watch out for "Liquid" in the next major release of maya. It's supposed to be really cool!:eek: