When you scan a business card and try to print it later.. why is it so enlarged?

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    I'm trying to figure out how to get stuff to print in it's original size after scanning a certain document smaller than letter sized paper...

    For example with many of the scanner apps on iPhone it will auto-select the document size for you depending on what you take a picture of and it outlines the paper/document you want scanned. It looks fine on the computer like it should, but then when you try and print it, the computer thinks you want to print it on the entire letter sized paper... but how do you print say a business card, the same size as the original card, but on letter size paper?
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    When you scan, you usually do so at 300 DPI. That's why it's so big.

    You want to change it to 72DPI when you print, or just play with the scaling options in the Print setup until it's the size that you want it.

    EDIT: Here's what I'm referring to:


    (I was actually playing with this a few minutes ago) Instead of "Scale to Fit", just use the regular "Scale" option and change the percentage to your liking. If you want to print it multiple times, click on the "Preview" option and select Layout. You'll also need to change the copy numbers afterwards.

    The preview on the left will show you the changes.

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