Where are the 1 gHz??


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Dec 6, 2001
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Damnit! I knew I was right. On a post before MWSF, I predicted all this hype was over the iMac, and I was right. Not ONE 1gHz system. Not ONE.

All that hype. SO much hype. And what did we get? Not even Photoshop for OSX. New iMac and iPhoto. Big freakin deal. I guess I shouldnt be suprised. I just can believe that we didnt even see a speed bump. What about the Pro users?

I guess we have to wait another 9 months for the G5, if we are lucky. By then, 1,500 other 64 bit processors will be humming along in Wintel boxes......

Oh well.


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Jan 4, 2002
Well Greenster, I guess your right we do seem to agree. Now thats kinda scary isnt it? You are totally right on this one. Ok, so apple has repeatadly tried to tell us about the Mhz myth. Whether they are right or not is not important. Its about marketing. The average computer user knows jack about Bus speeds, ram speeds, architecture. They only know what sells and what clever marketing deems a computer as being fast. If Apple wants to be number one they need to beat the other team. Thats how the game is played. Forget being mr nice guy. Get on Motorola's backside and get them producing chips with greater frequency. Imagine the advertising campaigns. Our slower clocked macs are faster than PCs so iMagine how fast this one is.

Ok so now ive had a chance to calm down a little. I gotta admit that thing pissed me off tho. I just hope apple execs take time for their busy day to read these forums. They may find some ideas.
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