Where are the best deals?

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    Hey guys,
    Just wanted to know where people think the best deals are these days. I'll be a student looking to buy a powerbook (new one hopefully) and since it'll probably be the major purchase of my college career, I'm looking to find the best deal available. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions of where to go, and if you've purchased a comp lately, what kind of deal you got compared to apple's regular prices. I head some people went to amazon rather than getting the student discount direct from apple, or some people paid the $99 to get a developer's discount. Does anyone know how these prices compare, and any other sites i might want to check out to see about deals when it comes down to nearing the purchase date?

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    Re: Where are the best deals?

    Apple has pretty strict pricing points for Mac hardware... so you likely won't find wide differences in many of the stores.

    A few things to note:

    1) You are a student -- Apple's own education discounts are significant - I doubt you'll do better at a retail store.

    Try: http://store.apple.com/Catalog/US/Images/routingpage.html

    2) Amazon has been offering close to $100 off per model and does not charge tax. This may be close to the savings you get with the Edu prices.

    I think those are your best options.

    In order to get around Apple's min advertised price requirements, sometimes vendors include freebies with PowerMacs... such as "free" ram - but these often have an installation fee associated with them.

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    Re: Where are the best deals?

    Go to apple's developer web site and sign up for a student developer account. All you need to do is show proof that you're a college student (or will be). The $99 for the first year will get you massive discounts on apple products. I priced the G5 system that I'm looking at buying for around 600 bucks less than I would get with the Apple student discount.

    You can cancel your membership after the first year, so for a one time fee of $99, you can get loads in discount. That's what I'll be doing when I'm ready to buy.
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    Re: Re: Where are the best deals?

    Please don't do this if you aren't really a student devleoper (and you must be over 18). In particular, part of the agreement is
    Apple is generous with students and developers and we don't want to risk that if the system is abused. If you do indeed meet their conditions, go right ahead!

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