iPad mini Where can I buy a wireless flash drive for my r mini on 7.1.1?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by FatPuppy, May 21, 2014.

  1. FatPuppy macrumors 68000


    Jul 14, 2012
    I am looking for a very small, compact wireless flash drive that pares with the ipad via bluetooh with a storage of about 8 or 16 gb at a decent price.
  2. FatPuppy thread starter macrumors 68000


    Jul 14, 2012
  3. jrswizzle macrumors 603


    Aug 23, 2012
    McKinney, TX
  4. John T macrumors 68020

    John T

    Mar 18, 2006
    Try reading the link!
  5. RWil85 macrumors 6502a

    Aug 2, 2010
    I looked at the flash drive in the posts below your - cool concept.

    Do you absolutely have to have physical storage?

    If not - if you could work 'Dropbox' into your workflow, that would serve the same purpose and never require the physical transferring of data.

    i.e. I scan a document using my iPad/iPhone or open an attachment from email (pdf or what have you), etc. - I then save it to the Dropbox app on that device - AND it's instantly made available on all of my other devices that are also linked to my Dropbox account (iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc). Pretty handy - can't imagine not being able to do that.

    Forget to mention - you can get quite a bit of Dropbox cloud stroage for free.
  6. Newtons Apple macrumors Core

    Newtons Apple

    Mar 12, 2014
    Jacksonville, Florida
    I 2nd the DropBox solution but you got to be on WiFi to connect or use a cellular model. If there was no DropBox I would have a wirelss jumpdrive for sure.
  7. Night Spring macrumors G5

    Night Spring

    Jul 17, 2008
    Dropbox works if you have an internet connection without data cap. But sometimes you simply have no connection, or are on a connection with data cap, as in most cellular data.
  8. dukeblue219 macrumors regular

    Dec 18, 2012
    There are a few options out there right now from Sandisk and similar companies. They all seem to have between 4-8 hours of battery life. I don't know how this MBLOK expects to have 300 hours of battery life streaming media wirelessly -- it sounds like wishful thinking from yet another "amazing" kickstarter product.

    You can't do stuff like this over Bluetooth anyway -- at best it's Bluetooth used to pair the devices and establish an ad-hoc 802.11 wi-fi link to do the transfer.
  9. FatPuppy thread starter macrumors 68000


    Jul 14, 2012

    Yeah, 300h is pretty crazy.
  10. Skika macrumors 68030

    Mar 11, 2009
    Not worth it. Between al the hassle and price, i suggest you seriously consider selling your iPad and buying a model with more storage.
  11. FatPuppy thread starter macrumors 68000


    Jul 14, 2012

    My ipad has 32gb and it's not the problem. I just want something to store movies and music to use it on my ipad and iphone.
  12. Badrottie Suspended


    May 8, 2011
    Los Angeles
    Wireless flash drive should be nice for to go if there is no wifi/hotspot available. :apple:

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