Where can I find a wallet case that looks like this on the inside and outside?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by FatherJack1980, Sep 16, 2016.

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    I'm thinking of getting the new iPhone and getting rid of my iPhone 4 - however, I've never had a case around my "old" iPhone, but I'm very much interested in buying a case for the second smartphone I'll own; I want it to be simple yet stylish; and I have a very definite idea how I want it to look.

    However - I've been having a lot of difficulty in finding what I exactly want.

    I've managed to find a black wallet case, that I really like the look of on the outside (to the left of the picture - minus that I don't need it to be able to 'bend') and another wallet case that I really like the look of on the inside - minus the name of the manufacturer (that case is displayed on the right) - picture of what I want my wallet case to look like is included.


    I wonder if anyone can supply me with a name of a manufacturer that has got an exact black wallet case like in my picture; thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for all of your replies; however, I would have thought - that after three years of the same design I wouldn't have any problem finding the case which I want ....which is exactly like the one in the picture; sadly though the case with the beautiful inside (minus the name of the manufacturer, which I hate seeing) has an ugly exterior. And the one with the beautiful exterior has an ugly inside and an ugly "flap" to close the case.

    I checked out the black version; still has logos plastered all over; and don't like the stitching as it goes under the camera. And it also has two ugly flaps, albeit not as visually ugly as most other cases I've seen.

    Sorry, but that is insanely ugly. Even though they could customize it; it sadly looks nothing like what I had specifically in mind.

    Well, now that looks the business. However, sadly there's only one image of this case in the black version. I have no way of knowing if the inside is brown or black (the picture above of the brown case features both black (well, dark grey it seems, sadly) and brown, which is surprising). And sadly the inside features a logo; and I have no way of knowing if the front doesn't feature a logo as well. As you can probably tell, I don't want any logos on my case ...maybe I'll shoot Nomad an email to question them about it and more; as I don't live in a country with Best Buy.

    That middle bit looks completely wrong; the picture of the Nomad wallet case is what I would like the middle part of the case to look like (which is basically 'straight across' - as English is my third language, I hope you get my drift) . And besides, the wallet storage part (to the left) is ugly and the logo's in the middle are hideous. And besides, as with the Nomad I can't see the front, so I have no way of knowing if there's an ugly logo plastered there or not (and I like my cases clean, and with out any logos).

    And sorry - yeah, I should have stated that I want a bigger phone. The iPhone 4 I have was a Christmas gift a few years ago, and the first smartphone I've ever owned, and surprisingly I can never go back to "dumb" phones. But the iPhone 4 irritates me very much, because the screen is so small and the storage is so lame (I have a big cd collection). And the constant app crashing and reloading of websites is ridiculous.

    Luckily I'm not locked into the Apple ecosystem, so if I find a wallet case like the one in my photo I'll buy Samsung next, but if not then I very much think I'll find some company to make it for me (a company in my country, so there's very minimal chance of any errors being made in the manufacturing of my case).

    But thanks everyone for your suggestions

    EDIT: I see now that the Nomad case even looks grey compared to this case:

    ...this case is so close to what I have in mind; except for three things - the logo at the front, the picture holder in the 'credit card-holding area' (for a lack of a better word) and how the back looks like - I can see what it looks like by looking at the third picture, which is the last picture of the case, because the case doesn't go around the camera, more like under it; and that's one of the many dealbreakers for me ;)
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    There is this one: http://www.spigen.com/collections/iphone-7/products/iphone-7-case-wallet-s-1?variant=21597530625 or https://vrsdesign.com/collections/i...ase-genuine-leather-diary?variant=25067148614
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    There are dealbreakers on both cases; they have the name of the manufacturer displayed (when I stated "logo" in my previous posts, I clearly should have also said that I don't like any text on my cases; which includes the name of the manufacturer ..and I don't care who manufactures it). The former also has a "flap", for a lack of a better word - hope you get my drift - it's the thing above the text when the case is closed; which people use to close their cases, while I much prefer magnetic closure and thus no 'flap'.

    But the second is nice, and very close - but for one, it has text on both the front and the inside of the front. But the leather doesn't look as luxurious as the one in the last link I posted ...and if I decide to buy Apple again I might email Case-Mate and check to see if they are willing to customize that case to my liking.

    Thanks again everyone for your inputs
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    My hubby has 3 of these for his 6s. He loves them. These are great cuz you can pull the phone out of the wallet, but it's still in a case. You can get several cards in them and it still closes nicely... not like so many that if you put 2 cards, they no longer want to close. I forget how many cards he actually carries and they stay closed!

    He's really bummed that he can't use them with his new 7... we're anxiously awaiting their new version to come out (with the adjusted camera hole!)
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    I don't carry a wallet anymore since I got it. It holds my license, debit cards, gun license, gym card and insurance card. Pretty much all I need on a daily basis.

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