Where is QuickTime VR Studio Upgrade for OS X


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Feb 2, 2002
Does anyone have any rumors on if Apple is planning on updating their QuickTime VR studio software to be a Cocoa application in Mac OS X?

I could see a strong tie-in with a digital camera as part of their digital hub concept. Any other ideas out there. I would like to see a nice QTVR creation program along the lines of their other well-designed applications like iPhoto, IMovie, and IDVD.

Anyway, just wondering what everyone else thinks about this??


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Nov 21, 2002
Bringing this thread back from the dead

Well, I would love to see something done there as well. It's expensive right now, Apple could ( should ) make a cheaper version or lower the price on the original QTVR. Or even make it a feature in a future version of iPhoto, as you suggest.

Right now I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to QTRV, do you know of any ?

Here are a couple of good info sites, but I haven't spend too much time on them yet.

http://www.panoramas.dk with great pictures
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