Where the candidates stand: Part 1 - College Awareness (infograph)

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    Well, the people who hated Bernie because "Well he wants to give free college, so he's a socialist and we paid for ours and we hate socialism so we want him to drop out" must now have big egg on their face since Clinton is on the same page. Not wrongly so, anyone can quickly see today's problems, a fair amount of how the great recession impacted them adversely, and how much worse America will fall behind if nothing is addressed and college is cheaper in socialist and communist countries who are clearly catching up or getting ahead of America with building their middle classes, or must be since we've been "falling behind" for a while now so obviously socialism and communism can't be that bad if they've lifted more and more out of poverty all while American wages continue to stagnate or go down all while costs to get ahead continue to skyrocket... feel free to do all the research you want, I won't explain and spoonfeed every detail...

    Not sure why Trump, per that infograph, has remained so quiet on actual details. Especially with "start some government program" when his followers just loathe government and don't want it involved...

    (So if I am having a beef this morning, it's not the candidates and Trump could be playing chess too. It's some of their supporters probably being unaware of more recent developments. Especially the anti-socialism ones.)
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    Plenty of time to fill in the details. At the end of the day Hillary put more information out there, but can you trust it? I'd say just about as much as you can trust her with top secret info.
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    Mental gymnastics.

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