Where to get a bigger hard drive and not get ripped off?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by mrat93, Jan 30, 2011.

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    I'm looking for a 1TB hard drive for my future MacBook Pro on a bunch of Mac parts sites, but all of the drive I see are priced WAY higher than hard drives from the manufacturer, but they don't specify the specific drive model so I can't look it up on Amazon, NewEgg, etc.

    So, does anybody know of a 1TB drive that'll work with a new MacBook Pro That I can get from Amazon or NewEgg? Thanks.
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    Not a good day for me
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    That is:
    :cool:Ship worldwide:cool:Good service:Fair Prices (maybe not the lowest but OK::cool:
    Many people also recommend newegg, but I have never bought anything there so I can't say.:eek:
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    If you're on the west coast (not sure where OWC is) then I would say go for newegg. They ship right out of California, and I've had very good experiences with them (stuff always comes faster than the delivery date), and their return/RMA policy is very good. I haven't had the chance to compare prices between OWC/Newegg/Amazon yet, but I know that Newegg was usually the lowest prior to me learning about OWC.
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    Newegg is usually cheapest and fast. They also ship from NJ if your item is stocked there and it's closer. You don't need to look for one made for Mac. Just get any internal laptop drive and it'll work just fine.

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