Where to purchase 4S @apple or Verizonwirelss


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Mar 9, 2009
I am switch to verizon and getting the 4S, any pros of cons getting at one vs the other.
Also I get a monthly discount, and waived activation, through my works corporate discount will I be forced to directly through verizon.



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Oct 14, 2005
Apple cannot add work discounts to lines. They can sell you the phone, charge you the activation, and then you'd have to goto Verizon to have your work discount added (and maybe your activation reversed, don't know if they'll do that).

In your case, I'd buy from Verizon (to save a trip there later).


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Nov 4, 2011
I thought your question was referring to whether or not its better to buy directly from Apple or through Verizon. If that was, in fact, your question then I think that it's faster to buy directly from Apple either online or reserve one for next day pickup in the stores. My bf tried buying through Verizon but they put him on back-order and the estimated shipping was sometime in Dec. He decided to order through Apple online and his phone arrived in less than a week. So the choice is up to you :)
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