Where to sell??? Help!


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Nov 23, 2001
Hello all. I'm only about 6 months into the Mac platform after using Wintels for 12 years. I started collecting a few old Macs back in May and bought an iMac back in early July. I moved out of town to go to school for Software Applications and Programming and I decided that since my iMac has no way for me to back up projects on its own and I have NO space in this apartment, that I would get a brand new iBook under the student discount and save me some money and space. So now I've decided to sell my first brand new Mac and my collection of old Macs to get back some much needed space and money ;-)
Obviously Ebay is THE place to sell anything, but I wanted to see if any of you knew of any better place on the net to sell my beloved Macs. If you know of a good place, PLEASE email me at timmy334@mac.com


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May 9, 2001
Wow, do you give so much thout to everything you do?

Put them on the local paper, and get an iMac with the combo drive, or better, find a Pismo 500, they are cheaper and better.


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Jul 24, 2001
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Best place? Find a friend or friend of a friend that wants the iMac. You won't have to ship and they'll probably feel more comfortable than rolling the dice with eBay and dealing with shipping and all that...in other words you might be able to get a few bucks more and get someone else a mac who might not otherwise get one.
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