where will we be five/ten years from now??


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Jul 9, 2000
what does the future hold for us?

i can envision os x or os 11 as default operating system and having it run lightning fast at 4 ghz/5 ghz somewhere five years from now on top desktop...also then, ibook will also be super fast and base model will be $699 usd to $999 usd for top of the line model with 16 inch screen

and in ten years, pdas, cells, or tablets, with wireless capability and real range using bluetooth v.3, will totally outsell desktops and laptops combined...sorry eyelikeart...but it's just a prediction...he he

software programming will be a huge industry still but hardware will suffer...computer repair people and network admins will be almost non-existent in ten years and in twenty years, they will not exist...techs like me and rower_cpu will either be programmers or work software applications side...we most likely will not even bring a set of tools to work

right now where i live, the tv and vcr repair place, which once made huge money, is going to go out of business when their lease ends...there is not the same money in fixing vcrs and tvs anymore...if it breaks, buy a new one

the same will be with computers, laptops, and 'most' networking equipment used in enterprise computing


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Jul 24, 2002
On the Moon
5 to 10 years from now we will all be sitting here reading the Macrumors forums and wondering what Apple is going to do next :)

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
We'll still be complaining about Apple and all the things they should have done but didn't - and it won't be MHz Myth but GHz Myth - terrabyte drives, oled displays or something even better that you can roll up - probably 3840x3072 screen res won't be something uncommon - with a roll up display you can hang on a wall (wireless of course)

But as to where the internet takes us? Who knows, wireless is going to take over and you'll be able to get online almost anywhere in a major city right in the street, car, store.

Have you seen the wireless project in Athens, GA? This is going to be the future.



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Jul 17, 2002
Re: In 10 years...

Originally posted by bbarnhart
... Apple market share... 5%
I'd like to think it would be higher than that...assuming that the switch campain works(it already is working)then I think realistically about 15%. Optimistically about 25%.:D


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Jan 30, 2002
My prediction for 5 years from now...

Apple will have just released the latest PowerMac containing 16 G7 processors, 16GB Cache, 1TB RAM, 4TB/s bus, dual 2TB hard disks, 10Gb/s Ethernet, 1Gb/s wireless, and a GPU that will render the latest in games at 600 fps at 4000 x 3000 resolution. Steve will have just finished demoing the Mac rendering a Pshop graphic 300x the speed of the latest Dell. Oh and one more thing...

60 people will be complaining on Macrumors because Apple is still refusing to adopt AMD processors :p


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Dec 29, 2001
I could see distributed computing being the nbext logical step, I would really love to render something in Bryce really quick.....it would be a dream :d

Also upto 16gigs of ram will be a norm, windows will be still buggy, and as for apple, I don't know
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