Which? calls Apple 'most reliable' brand

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 6, 2005.

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    I am not at all familiar with Which? magazine, but being called most reliable be anyone can only be a good thing. Yay Apple! :)
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    So does Consumer Reports, and so does PC Magazine.

    All with hard data to back up the statement.

    Put another way... if you think Apple reliability is bad, everyone else is worse :eek:
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    Which? is the UK equivalent of Consumer Reports. They're great for some stuff but sometimes don't go into the technical aspects of other of their reviews; sometimes their insistence on cheapness meaning value doesn't always work. But their results are often widely reported so it's likely to be picked up by the wider UK press.

    One interesting aspect of the survey was the % of Mac users who said they'd recommend their computer to others. Far higher than any of the other brands running Windows.
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    More details:


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    My family subscribes to Which magazine. They are completely independant and don't have any advertisements in their pages, so they promote that as a reason they are not biased. Whether this is true or not I dunno, but I read it and it's very useful for making decisions, if just a little basic. Which never quite goes into the deep nitty gritty details but they do provide a good overall picture and they have got quite a bit lab to test everything out on.

    Apple has topped Which's computer reliablity and customer support polls for probably over 6 years now, which is extreamly impressive. The iPod also tops the survey and they give a lot of positive news articles on new Apple products. They also print a page that dispells the myths people have on Apple, thought they are not aways correct, it's still educational for PC readers. :D
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    They really need me to take part in these surveys. :rolleyes:

    From my recent experience, Apple's reliability is shocking, (took 3 attempts to send me a PowerBook that either wasn't shafted or scratched) and even then, in 2 and a bit years it's now on it's 3rd screen, 3rd logic board, 3rd SuperDrive, 3 secondary fan, 2nd base cover. My previous PowerBook suffered a similar fate of having to have replacement logic boards, screens, combo drives and a hard drive.

    My bro's first eMac was delivered and it promptly went up in smoke as soon as we plugged it in, my mates Power Mac G5 was delivered covered with scratches and gouges, her partners PowerBook was in the batch of faulty batteries. An ex bought an iBook that was riddled with the logic board fault, and my current lady bought a PowerBook that was delivered with the supposedly rectified white spots issue (something I got lumbered with on my TiBook when it went it for it's 2nd replacement screen) and battery that very well could send it up in flames.

    And from my experience, there's nothing to shout about their customer service either. I took my PowerBook in to be repaired at the Brum AppleStore and it came back only half repaired, I had to take it back again where by it disappeared for a couple of weeks, and when I phoned I was LIED to about it's current status, and even when it had been repaired, the fault was even more annoying.

    When my previous TiBook once had to go into repair, it it was originally picked up in November and I didn't get it returned until the following January, all whilst been told a different set of LIES everytime I phoned to check up on it's status.

    Or how about when I purchased my PowerBook, the price was reduced before it was delivered, it took me 2 years to claim back almost £100 even though it was Apple who originally notified me that they were refunding the difference.

    All in all, I don't think Apple has anything to shout about regarding either product quality (just look at the number of issues regarding their products over the last several years) or Customer Service. :mad:
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    The article is good news for Apple. There will always be problems. It's always worse when it happens to you.

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