Which do you consider the nicer design, iPhone 5/5S or iPhone 6/6+?

Which design do you like better?

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Mar 30, 2011
Simple question and poll just to gauge the opinion of most on this Apple focused site. Curious what most people say.

EDIT: As stated below, the poll is meant to ask which device you think LOOKS better (without taking into account which you prefer using or holding).
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Mar 30, 2011
5s build quality and design is better than the 6 imo.


Looks like a Samsung from 2 years ago.
I actually think the iPhone 6 looks more like they did a poor job of copying the HTC One. The iPhone has much larger antenna bands that make a circle around the top and bottom of the device and don't match the metal as well IMO. I don't think it looks like a Samsung device at all.


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Jun 23, 2010
Love both phones, but I do prefer the non-chamfered edges of the 6/6+.

Actually, I think my favorite design was the 4/4S. That was a gorgeous phone and utterly different from anything else out there.
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Nov 25, 2012
United States
The 5S is a very nice design but it also looks too long/tall and awkward. The 6/6 plus phones are more symmetrical-looking and I love the rounded corners and the way the screen goes all the way to the edge.


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Nov 13, 2011
Simple question and poll just to gauge the opinion of most on this Apple focused site. Curious what most people say.
Its not a simple question. One feels better than it looks and one looks better than it feels.


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May 31, 2007
The Garden State
Out of these choices, I like the 5S the most, maybe because I think the colors were better. Although it looked great, the black iPhone 5 scratched easily on the back.

Overall though, I really liked the 4/4S the most.


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Sep 17, 2014
I went to the Verizon store to check out the new iPhone 6 and was amazed that I really wasn't impressed. Holding it was really a let down. It felt cheap to me. Too light, too thin, just cheap.
I love my 4s. I'll be upgrading to the 5s. I'll skip the 6 and 6+. Really a letdown.


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Sep 16, 2014
Seattle, WA
I like the 6/6 Plus design far more than that of the 5/5S. I actually skipped the entire 5 generation because I felt it was a step backwards from the 4/4S. Same basic shape, but instead of glass and stainless steel, you replace the body with an aluminium skin that scratches easily? And don't even get me started on the chamfered edges that dig into your fingers. I like the seamless feel of the curved glass cover and the unibody case, and the fact that the 6/6 Plus sit very comfortably in the hand.

I do have to give props to the 5/5S though for its sturdier feel, although that can be partially be attributed to it simply being a smaller, shorter device.


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Feb 8, 2009
Fort Pierce
I think the iPhone 6 models are their best ones yet..... my second choice in design would be the 4.

I never liked the backs of the 5s and if you crack the glass top or bottom in the back you need to disassemble the entire phone to replace that. Much harder than the front glass.

It just looks odd to me with the glass color and aluminum body.... rather have the stripes.

But you can't rate personal taste.


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Sep 21, 2014
Iphone 6 + IOS 8 = The worst ever

5s is nice but without semi-android IOS

Surf Monkey

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Oct 3, 2010
Portland, OR
The 5 series was nothing but a stretched out, compromised version of the 4 series design wise. The 6 is a genuine evolution of the first gen and 3 series iPhones. The 6 series is far more unique. It doesn't rely (for example) on the design language of vintage cameras like the 4/5 series iPhones did. To my eye the 6 series is easily the best designed iPhone to date. Easily.
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