Which Gray's Anatomy app should I get and any other GP/Nurse Practitioner spp ideas?

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    My fiancée and I just got back from NYC where we bought a pair of iPads and since she's a nurse practitioner, I'm wondering what medical apps she should try. The most obvious one would be an iPad version of Gray's Anatomy but even then there are several apps to choose from, several from 'LoL Software' that are only a few quid and then some apps from the publisher, "Gray's Anatomy for Students" and "Gray's Atlas of Anatomy" which both cost £45. Any suggestions of the differences and which would be better? Anyone had any experiences with any of these apps? There are hardly any reviews for these apps in the app store.

    While I'm at it, any other recommendations for apps for medical professionals?
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    Unless she just wants to brush up on anatomy or is a student, then I wouldn't say that Grays anatomy is useful for everyday clinical practice.

    I'd say go with at least a drug database app like Epocrates or Medscape. Skyscape is also good, basically an app in which you can buy any number of medical reference texts.

    There are also a ton of medical calculator apps.
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    Some suggestions...

    I've just finished med school in the States having done a PhD in England. I can tell you about what I use, but also I wonder if there aren't some useful apps specific to the NHS? Things like approved formularies, NICE guidelines, and so on. If these don't exist, you should go into the iOS development business!

    But I use:
    - Medscape, for a drug reference and disease database. Way better than epocrates so far.

    - MedCalc, the iPhone version (not worth upgrading to the iPad version as I don't use it very often)

    - Then some miscellaneous stuff related to neurology. NeuroMind has great illustrations for explaining procedures to patients, BrainView is a good MRI guide, and Radiology 2.0 is good for practicing reading abdominal CTs.

    - If I were to get an anatomy app, right now it looks like the most useful one is Pocket Body. I wish there were a good Netter's atlas for the iPad, but Skyscape isn't a great company and their atlas is both expensive and cumbersome. I'm holding out for something better.

    Outside of that, I think the best thing about the iPad for medicine is the journals. Neurology is available as a free app, the New England Journal is available (iPhone size only, sadly), and PLoS Medicine is available for free. Nature is available as an individual subscription only. Your girlfriend may find more journals specific to her interests.

    Good luck!

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