which older laptop to buy??


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Mar 15, 2007
I would like to know which laptop to buy, all i need it to do is internet, radio from itunes, maybe light photo editing, all this done at work when i have some free time. Can i get something for this at around $400.00, if so what do you suggest and will i be able to run tiger os, thanks for your response and any other info that you care to share.



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Jan 20, 2007
try lookin for a g4 ibook. You should be able to find one for around that price and it should run tiger fine. You can up the ram as high as you can for an extra boost, but that shoudl run you fine. I had a tibook g4 867 megahurtz i sold for about 550 in primo condition, but even those are out there for less then that if you can handle a little bit of wear on the exterior case. I think a g4 ibook would be your best bet though and chances are you can find one on ebay (or maybe someone here in marketplace) for about that much. Craigslist would be good too if you can make sure its in your area and you can look at it before hand.

Good luck!


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Jul 16, 2007
Anywhere, Michigan
Oldnslow, you could also look into a Pismo (PowerBook G3) if you'd like. They run around $400 USD and are capable of booting OS9 and any OSX version of your choice. I have one that I bought recently and it runs Tiger and Panther very well. The only down side is the video ram, set at 8mb. You can upgrade it, but it'll be via a Type I or II PCMCIA card. Other than that, the Pismo can take an Airport card, has 2 firewire 400 and 2 usb v 1.1 ports, can take 2 lithium ion rechargeable battery packs at the same time (up to 10 hours max), and are easy to repair. Find one that is a PPC G3 500Mhz and you will be set for good. I'm very happy with mine.

73s :apple: