Which one should I buy out of these two monitors / tv

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Vallumlj, Oct 27, 2014.

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    But there are other displays with similar specs as the Dell on the market, that also cost a bit less.
    This PC-World shop doesn't seem to have any decent displays on sale at all - apart from Apple's TBD - for 900 UKP, and a 4K display for a bit more than half of that ;-)

    But there's e.g. this one:

    The only cheaper one is this here:

    The 4K-craze turns these displays into bargain-bin items, sort of.
    Too bad that doesn't have a noticeable effect on 30" displays, yet :-(

    While I was busy, my parents also bought a Full HD display for their Mini. Eeek.
    I think I'd rather spend the money on the TBD than going back to Full HD, if those were the only choices.

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