Which smart phone OS works best?

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 1, 2008.

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    Palm is in a lower class of it's own - Android will likely make Mobile OS Reviews: Round Two.
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    There's a few inaccuracies in the article:

    "All the smart phones handled e-mail tasks competently. However, the Nokia E71, with its excellent keypad, was the most satisfying smart phone to use for writing e-mail messages, even though it doesn't auto-suggest names when addressing messages"

    Well actually, it does, in ways: You can type a partial name and then press the Select / OK button - then, a list of matching names appear that you can select from. Just as good.

    Also, to zoom in the webbrowser you are able to use keyboard shortcuts, so you don't have to do this in the menu. The Nokia web browser uses webkit. It is a more complete browser than the one found on the iPhone. For example you can save your user names and passwords just like you can on the desktop Safari. Additionally, you can view flash and other content, in the browser, that isn't available on the iPhone.

    "By contrast, the other three phones can't play music downloaded from iTunes."

    As long as the tracks aren't protected by fairplay ( because Apple refuse to license it out ), they can.
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    Thats a very biased review, they pit an iPhone 3g (so the newest one) up against a touch dual and a blackberyy 8310, neither of which are current new releases and their manufacturers subsequent updates to say the diamond and bold (or even the storm) would have been a better comparison.

    Personally I still don't class the iPhone as a smart phone, its a media phone, I don't have enough control of the os for it to be a smartphone, maybe as I come from the days when the symbian (uiq) was the touchscreen os of choice and even to this day my p900i can manage 99% of the things the iphone can (plus some things it can't - cut and paste!!!!) albeit in a less shiny way and slightly slower (got to give it credit it is around 5 year old :))

    For me the best current 'smartphone' is windows mobile, yes its not perfect and the standard os is well too small but I can easily add software what I want including an alternative to any of the built in apps and I can configure the system how I want to. Add in a decent skin (theres plenty of options, I like spb mobile shell as its relatively lightweight - xperia x1 has this) and a few choice apps and you have a system that can do everything that the iphone can do and then some.

    I do feel that android will (until the release of wm7) become the better os once a better phone is released, the g1 is god damn ugly and the os is still lacking what I would deem as important features (no sync with desktop pc for example)

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