Which state is the gun-craziest?

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    Recent threads have made the case for Arizona, Texas, and Florida. But, it seems to me that is a little unfair. I think other states should be in the running, too. Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, and Georgia come to mind as other states with a history of high gun violence and little legal restriction on gun availability. I am a little biased, I admit. I think Arizona is tops right now. What do you all think?


    What is the "smilie" for bitter? A combination of :mad: :( ?
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    I'd say when gun restrictions and violence are both taken into consideration then yes, AZ takes the cake.

    But there's a lot more to the picture than gun restrictions and violence in AZ. Don't forget that AZ is a border state, and deals with a LOT of drug trafficking and the violence that's associated with that.

    Utah, just one state above has a similar lack of restriction on guns, and a much much lower gun violence rate. While states like New York and Maryland are more restrictive, yet have high rates (comparatively) of gun crime.

    In short, what are you trying to say with this topic?
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    Oh, thank goodness someone has opened a gun thread.

    It's a topic the begs for extensive, calm, well reasoned discussion...and no one has thought to bring it up.



    And just so this doesn't seem like a sarcastic comment on the number of gun threads, and the quality of the discussion on said threads...I will respond to the topic.

    I think the most gun crazed State is New Hampshire. They seem to be just a nice little State...but I know for a fact they are a bunch of totally gun crazed maniacs.

    I'm sorry, I'm not permitted to provide a Source...National Security!:cool:

    :rolleyes: :p
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    Based on recent developments, I'd say New York is the gun-craziest state.
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    I don't know that, of the states jnpy!$4g3cwk mentioned, I could pick one that I'd call the gun-craziest.

    However, I will say from his post, that Arizona appears to lead the nation in bad Photoshop work.
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    I would have called it bad Photoshop.

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