which version of the i5 should we be expecting in the lower/mid end macbook pros?

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    which version of the i5 should we be expecting in the lower/mid end macbook pros?

    Arrandale? Clarkdale? Lynnfield?

    In other words will the 13 inch mac still be 2 core or are we pretty sure we're looking at a jump to 4 core?
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    we'll find out when and if Apple makes updates to the MBPs.

    Habitus :apple:
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    Of those three, certainly Arrandale (dual-core, four threads). The quad-core option would be Clarksfield (not dale), but that's probably only a high-end option if it's seen in the MBP at all.
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    So Lynnfield is a quad-core desktop chip; so it's out.

    Clarkdale is the dual-core onboard graphics desktop chip; it's also out.

    Arrandale is the dual-core with onboard graphics laptop chip, available as i3, i5, and i7, depending on exact feature set. These are available in 18W to 35W, so one could very conceivably end up in the MacBook Air; although the Air would likely lose its nVidia graphics in the process.

    Finally, there's the same-generation-as-Lynnfield "Clarksfield", which is quad-core, no onboard graphics. It's available only as an i7, and draws 10-37 Watts more power than Arrandale. (Clarksfield draws 45W for the 'mainstream' models, and 55W on the 'extreme' model.) So we certainly won't see a Clarksfield in the Air, probably not in the 13" model, and, knowing Apple, likely not in the 15" model either. HOPEFULLY it at least is available as CTO on the 17". I'd like for it to be CTO on the 15", too. (HP has their MacBook Pro-clone "Envy 15" available with this processor.)

    My guess: Air will get the Core i5 520UM, a 1.06 GHz (turbo to 1.86 GHz,) ultra-low-voltage part with onboard graphics. (The mobile integrated graphics parts have the interesting benefit that they will trade CPU speed for GPU speed, if the GPU needs more power and the CPU isn't at full load; to maintain power margin. So if you're playing a low-CPU-usage game, the CPU will stay at 1.06 GHz, but the GPU will turbo up. If you're compressing a video, the GPU will stay slow, but the CPU will crank up to 1.86 GHz.) MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE a CTO Core i7-640UM (1.2 GHz, turbo to 2.26 GHz, same Wattage envelope.)

    13" Pro will get Core i5-430M, a 2.26 GHz (turbo to 2.53 GHz) dual-core with integrated graphics. CTO to the Core i5-520M (2.4 GHz, turbo to 2.93 GHz,) and possibly CTO discrete graphics. Hopefully ATI 5830. If Air gets the i7, this *MIGHT* get the mid-wattage Core i7-640LM (2.13 GHz, turbo to 2.93 GHz) instead of the Core i5-520M.

    15" Pro will get Core i5-520M standard, CTO Core i5-540M (2.53 GHz, turbo to 3.06 GHz, dual-core) or Core i7-620M (2.67 GHz, turbo to 3.33 GHz, dual-core) probably the integrated graphics standard on the low-end preconfigured, discrete graphics standard on the high-end preconfigured, possibly also CTO even on the low-end. Again, hopefully ATI 5830.

    17" Pro will get Core i7-620M standard, CTO Core i7-820QM CTO (1.73 GHz, turbo to 3.06 GHz; but quad-core,) discrete graphics only.

    To reiterate my signature, I may be currently working in an Intel building, but I have no inside knowledge of laptop processors or anything relating to Apple; these are all wild guesses, based upon processor specs as listed on Wikipedia.)

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