White people and the Democratic Party.

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Herdfan, Jan 26, 2017.

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    Apr 11, 2011
    I have always said the Democratic party as it is made up is more fragile than the GOP. The GOP has 3 basic coalitions: Christian Right, Fiscal Conservatives and Small Government Tea Partiers. Identity in these groups can also easily overlap meaning you can be both Christian Right and a Fiscal Conservative. These groups really have no where else to go except may be a few on the fringes will identify as Libertarian.

    But with the Dems, they have a whole lot more smaller coalitions: Minorities, LBGT, Enviros, Jews, Muslims, younger americans (under 35) and Union and working class Americans. That is a whole lot of factions to try and keep happy. In 2016, they lost (some would say ignored) the union members and working class Americans in the rust belt and as a result we have President Trump.

    Now there is a whole lot of coverage of "White Privilege" and how it is ruining the country. Dems are all over TV condemning being "white".

    How is this going to play in the next election. They just lost an election because they ignored part of their base and now they seem to be going out of their way to denigrate another large portion of their base by being critical of being "white". I see how that may play well in minority communities, but many of the other factions are still made up of "white" people.

    Do they not realize what they are doing?
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    It'll depend on who they run. Biden likely would've beaten Trump this time around.

    The problem Hillary had connecting with white working class voters isn't shared by every Democrat.
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    Note that those three coalitions are all interventionist neocon globalists.

    The GOP will hate living under the Trump administration. Trump is going to grow government, he is going to spend trillions rebuilding America, and he couldn't give a damn about Bible-waving "family values" asshats. However, the Republicans will kowtow and get in line because they are all sniveling weak political careerists just like the Democrats.

    Welcome to the Revolution.
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    First, nobody is condemning being white. The condemnation is for not recognizing/acknowledging implicit biases and advantages. Some people think they are successful because they followed a plan, worked hard, and made their own success, and nothing else contributed to their success. They refuse to accept the fact that at least 50% of their success is owed to pure luck.

    For example: I am successful, and I worked hard. But I recognize that certain things completely outside of my control occurred along the way which certainly helped me out. Being white helped me. Having educated parents helped me. Those two things introduced me to people that may have not otherwise talked to me. Those people got me the connections I needed to succeed (oversimplifying a lot). In general, I say my success comes from 50% hard work and 50% luck. Being white isn't a bad thing, but being white and not recognizing that advantages it brings is being ignorant.

    Second, you break up the Dems coalitions into very fine groups that overlap. For example, one can be a young environmentalist immigrant gay jewish member of a union. I can just as easily say the GOP has a whole lot of smaller coalitions: the white supremacists (alt-right), the christian conservatives, the mormon conservatives, the business elites, the country-club conservatives, the truck drivers, the small government folks, the no taxes forks, and the texans.

    Really, I think trying to divide up the party in this way is a baseless and useless exercise. The main difference to me is this:

    DNC believes in evidence-based governing and politics.
    GOP believes in eminence-based governing and politics.
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    Good god - we agree on something. :eek:
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    Completely unrelated, but I heard a cool song for the first time while watching The Night Of several months ago. The use of Chicago's riff works better than the original Chicago song.

    Anyway, I propose this be the official soundtrack song for the Revolution.

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    They keep trashing Israel they'll lose one of those groups in a hurry. Unions may have already fallen and are headed toward a slow death. Dems have gone off the deep end with their nonsense.
  8. Zenithal Suspended

    Sep 10, 2009
    Jews are typically conservative and don't vote Democrat. Those who are liberal and don't follow the whimsical mantra of Israel's knesset will vote Democrat.

    You make me laugh. Not laughing at you, of course, because you said something clever for once. I could never understand what evangelicals or even bible thumpers saw in Trump. Third marriage and all. The way he treats women and others. Granted, Evangelicals are as nutty as the rest of the severely religious people in this country, but I always found it amusing how they supported Trump.
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    The ones in S. Florida do. Think Palm Beach County.

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