Who here is tired of all the complaining ! Wake up call please read

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iSIILENT, Oct 14, 2011.

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    The whole week it seems like 90% of the people here just have been complaining and just completely taken the experience out of the whole iPhone 4s release , I been working all day ( well not really half of the time I been reading the forums) And looking for positive feedback and trying to find out good information, While am waiting to get home am now having second thoughts about opening the phone and having a good time going through the steps of changing to a new phone , while all week I was waiting for today , now thanks to the many folks at macrumors , i may not have such a great time turning on my new phone as expected.

    Dont get me wrong I know those cases when things don't go the right way and how some electronics well dont work always as they suppose to , and rightfully so we should blame apple and the providers, but can't we for once understand that they are mistakes and we should just take it easy and go with what life brings us, I mean the most one may have paid for one phone would be around $900 , but can you picture how many people for one week, have been stressed out , have headaches , lost sleep , wasted hours on the phone and ect, if we just for once understand that there are millions of people doing the same thing and not everyone will get what they want , when they want , for those that everything when smooth and fine great for you , who knows maybe someday it won't be as easy and you may hit a rough path some day and for those who everything went wrong the past week well hopefully something good happens for you very soon , " one day you , tommorow someone else "

    Let's just relax people , we are living in hard times , let's thing about bigger issues in our personal lifes and let's put the energy into that.

    Sorry Just had a moment
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    Thing is, most people will only post on the forum if they are not happy with, or if there is something wrong with their product. Some people, but not very many in comparison, will sign up the MR to say "My iPhone 4S is pretty good, lived up to my expectations and them some". Most will only bother signing up and posting if they want to rage, or if there is something badly wrong.
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    May 9, 2009
    Amen to that.

    Best Buy staff didn't know what was going on. We queued up and told them which models we wanted. There was only 5 people in line. We got inside, and then they tell us they didn't have the phone I wanted, 64gb white. The folks in front of me were looking to upgrade their Sprint plans, and BB didn't even get any Sprint phones in.

    You think they would have inventoried what they had and told us up front whether they had phones for us. Instead they tried to sell me a 32gb black, and said I could exchange it later no problem. Though something tells me that would not have been as smooth as they implied. All in all, BB was not a great experience, and they lost a customer because they did not have a solid procedure outlined for the launch. They said they were expecting more shipments in LATER that day.

    So I went down the road to ATT, waited in the short line of 6 people, the guy came out, asked what I wanted, said they had it in stock, and 15 minutes later, I got it!

    We need more positive threads, where we can learn about the iPhone and learn from each other. Instead of flaming Apple because there is a gap between the plastic and metal, etc etc.

    Because of this forum, I had heard BB wouldn't have Sprint phones at the onset, and how potentially terrible my experience at BB could be, so I wasn't too let down when it happened, and followed my Plan B, which worked out well.

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