Who is Motorola?


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Jan 6, 2002
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2.4 GHz P4s. Great. Now we're 1.4 GHz behind! :(

It doesn't patter how much you push the MHz Myth, if Intel and AMD keep advancing at current pace, Apple will fall far, far behind.


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May 9, 2001
I guess that if we where in the cellphone business the ones in fron of the market would be us.

You are right, Motorola is way too behind in development, Apple is rising 50Mhz each 6 months or so.

I'm sure there are some topics that are prohibited to comment at Apple.

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Motorola, like Apple, keeps the lid on product development. Why? You need to ask them. And as for the PowerPC, nothing is really disclosed until Apple releases a new machine. This is the way its always been and it will probably continue.

Think what would happen to Apples sales if Motorola made an announcement like that. For the week or two before the new processor release, new sales would be in the toilet. What Intel has to their advantage is that more than one PC manufacturer use their chips.

Not to mention the fact that it would totally upstage Jobs' Keynotes. Face it, your at their mercy, period.


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Nov 22, 2001
I agree that Motorola should not announce like intel for Apples sake. However, the fact is that intel processor jumps are 200Mhz each time + Motorolo jumps 100Mhz if that!! Also, Intel seems to update more often. We only see Apple updates only every 6-8 months!! I dont believe they would sandbag new processors with the position they are in. In short, motorola is not able to get faster processors quick enough.


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Feb 8, 2002
One major problem is that Apple is married to Motorola because of the Altivec. If there were two competing chip makers that both made equally or similarly capable chips for Apple to choose from, development would be far faster due to each company attempting to gain an advantage.

Here, we have IBM making great chips, but unable to compete with Motorola because it has a patent on its altivec technology. Thus, because Apple has designed its machines to really make use of Altivec, it's stuck.

Is it Motorola's fault that it has designed a chip that Apple has handcuffed itself to or Apple's fault for snapping on the cuffs?

Motorola has almost no incentive to innovate in its PowerPC development because it has no competition. IBM can't develop a version of Altivec because of the patent, so Apple's got problems.

I see as solutions Apple attemption to optimize its systems for the non-altivec PowerPC chips made by IBM or even, dare I say, x86 chips (or the newer 64 bit(?) chips set to come out) so that it has alternatives.

If it chooses not to do that, then it's doomed to suffer the same fate as your stereo system. It is limited by its least capable component. In this case, the chip.


Jul 9, 2000
a few years ago, when the pc was slightly ahead, we could say it didn't matter because our chip was better and didn't need to have the same clock speed as the pc boxes

but now, the pc world is zooming so far ahead that it seems that apple may have to go with another company for their processors to bring apple forward...ie) ibm

apple seemed to have moved toward nvidia for graphics cards right as the company is in some financial hard times and there is talk of the graphics company going out of business...so on that front, maybe apple should keep ati as a partner

it is a good thing that apple moved away from hp and seems to like epson and lexmark more since hp being married to compaq was likened to two rocks which didn't float by themselves somehow thinking that being tied together would make them float better:rolleyes:
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