iPad Who is still rocking the Air 2?


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Feb 16, 2018
There really isn't any benefit to staying on iOS 12, save for a few bugs and incompatibilities with specific apps (until those apps get updated).

I've already updated our two iPad Air 2s to iPadOS 13.
Sometimes if it ain’t broke don’t fix it . . I walked into an Apple store with my wife yesterday and showed her the new Air, new standard iPad 10.2 and the iPP 11. Told her I’d treat her to a new iPad and asked her which one she wanted to buy to upgrade her Air 2.

She looked at me and said “Why would I wan’t a new iPad, my old one works fine.” She took one look at the 11 and declared that she wouldn’t want one despite the pencil mount looking “cool”. The folio design was a non-start for her, she wants a standard smart cover with nothing on the back. We ended up walking out empty handed.

She’s still on 12 as well and has been ignoring the upgrade prompt.

I had hoped to at least figure out if a 10.5 was an option for her because the Air 2 is smaller and she likes to tuck it into her bags and has commented about regular ipads being too big.

rui no onna

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Oct 25, 2013
I had hoped to at least figure out if a 10.5 was an option for her because the Air 2 is smaller and she likes to tuck it into her bags and has commented about regular ipads being too big.
How big are her purses? I found it harder to get in and out of some purses but pretty much all the ones that fit the iPad Air fit the Pro 10.5 as well (in thin Khomo-branded SmartCase clone).


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Jan 18, 2014
Still using it, one of my favorite apple products, may upgrade to the next pros or next iPad Air 4 depending on what they add to the pros.
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Jan 11, 2018
This iPad really aged well. My mum, someone who had no interest in computers, was eased into technology with an Amazon Fire back in 2013. Around the same time (maybe 2014) my dad bought an Air 2 as he used to be away doing logistics work a lot, 16GB with 4G. Quite a nice device, back then I was on a MacBook Pro and admired iPads but had no need for one. Unfortunately, the iPad outlasted him and when it became my concern I passed it to my mum as an upgrade from the Fire Tablet.

It’s still doing remarkably well speed wise, and the screen is superb. Little bit concerned if it breaks though, as that laminated display is bound to outweigh The value of the device. She lets my niece and nephew fight over it too to watch intolerable YouTube streamers, so it’s always got a fine layer of stickiness.. that poor thing. But it’s doing great. I make sure it’s up to date and it‘s on my family sharing 2TB iCloud to stay backed up. Shame about the 16GB, really the only thing limiting it as far as I can see. The 4G has been vacant for years now!

I can remember back when it was under a year old, the screen had cracked (genuinely without it being used in a poor fashion) and my dad, who had at that point bought me various Apple laptops and phones over the years when I was still a teenager, being a bit sort of annoyed at his first own device from them breaking so easy. We were at the Trafford Centre in Manchester that week and I booked it into the Apple Store with him at the Genius Bar. They took it, no questions asked and handed him a brand new one - shatter free. That sold him on Apple More than I ever could! That same device is doing well to this day. I miss that man.


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Mar 7, 2017
SE Michigan
My Air 2 is still working great. I bought it in March 2017 near the end of retail sales. I had to hunt to locate a 128GB model. I've updated to 13.1 and it's running fine, except for some weird bugs with the Mail app that others are reporting too. Its original primary use was as a remote-control console for a digital sound mixing console (the ability to walk around the auditorium while mixing live music is great), but I've found myself leaving my laptop home more often lately, and using the iPad instead.

My smart cover is getting a tad shopworn, but I had the foresight to get a spare one before they disappeared from Apple's web site. Holding off on using it until the original finally dies.


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Sep 4, 2015
Still using my iPad Air1 that I bought as a refurb from Apple a long time ago... Been wanting to upgrade for a few months now, but can't decide between the 10.5" iPad Pro (refurb) the "new" iPad Air or the iPad Pro 11". I am going to wait and see if Apple is going to hold a event this month before making any final decisions. Everything on my Air1 has been running perfectly, except now my TV Provider option is grayed out and I can no longer stream from the ESPN app. Is anyone else seeing this issue with the TV Provider?


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Oct 16, 2013
Just updated my Air 2 to iPadOS mainly because safaris cloud functionality did not work anymore with iOS 12. It runs very well but I discovered that emoji stickers are not supported on A8 devices. What else is missing on functionality? does anyone know?


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Jul 18, 2019
Have been using my air 2 since launch but have finally decided to upgrade to an 11 inch pro. As much as I love the air I am noticing the screen bright enough as the new models.


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Mar 24, 2010
Since upgrading to 13.1.2 my Air 2 is constantly losing my Safari tabs. Extremely frustrating, annoying and time-wasting. Have no idea if there's a fix or if a newer model would resolve it.


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Oct 18, 2016
I didn’t realize that the 10.2 inch does not have the laminated display and anti reflection coating... so that would actually be a downgrade as far as the screen is concerned.
If anyone is considering the air, imo the 10.5 pro is a better choice.


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Nov 19, 2015
New York
This has to be the best longativity model. I was tempted by the new 10.2 model but I can’t even get myself to spend money because of how good the Air 2 still performs.
Air 2? Please! The true OGs still rockin the original Air.

Seriously though - I keep my original air running for car movies for my 4 yo and my 7 yo rocks the Air 2. Both work great!
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