Who is the #1 toughest cell company to get into when running credit?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by php111, Sep 17, 2012.

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    I post this question over at Yahoo! answers, but I didn't get any replies, so I am going to copy/paste my questions. Will someone please answer

    Who is the toughest wireless carrier to get into with running credit?
    Who is the #1 most toughest wireless company to get into as we are talking about a 2yr contractor to see if the consumer needs to put down a deposit, or the credit check will come back at a $0 deposit? For example, but I'm not sure how tough they are, I know Verizon, and AT&T comes to mind. I do have Verizon, but I'm only asking because I always would like to find out what wireless company is strict with credit, and if it comes back at a $0 deposit then their credit must be decent.

    Thank you if someone could provide info!

    I appricate it!
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    AT&T and Verizon . Usually AT&T will want $300-750. Verizon is typically $200-400 and Sprint being the easiest at about $50-150.
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    Jul 31, 2011
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    The above poster was correct with the order, but not necessarily the amounts. It greatly varies based on credit. Sprint, for example, has three different tiers of credit reports. You have the top tier: 10 or 5 lines with no Account Spending Limit or deposit. Middle tier: 3 or 2 lines with a $150 Account Spending Limit and no deposit. Bottom tier: 2 lines with a $150 Account Spending Limit and a $50-$250 deposit.

    Verizon changed their credit check system around 8 months ago to be much more lenient than before. Generally their deposits will be $100 or so lower than AT&T.
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    Nothing of value to add here really but I've had a cell phone (same number!) since I was 18 (I'm 30 now). I don't remember ever going through a credit check then but then again I was already establishing my credit.

    FWIW, it was Pacific Bell Wireless then Cingular then AT&T. I didn't open in a corporate store.

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