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Discussion in 'Community' started by efoto, Jun 21, 2005.

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    Okay, first and foremost, DO NOT turn this into a bit**fest over brands or beans or whatever.

    I like coffee, I love espresso, and I would really like to know more about both.

    First, are there any informative sites or resources out there for a 'newbie'? I know a little, but consider it n00b in nature so I can cover my bases correctly incase they are flawed.

    Secondly, I would love some recommendations for a good press/machine that a relatively poor university student could get his mits on. I don't mind doing a little work towards a good cup, or afterwards for cleanup, but I do prefer nice coffee to burnt crap.

    I am hoping this digs up all the coffee freaks on MR ;) I know you all are out there, based on your jobs and the crap you each put up with one can only assume immense coffee intake is involved. Thanks in advance.
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    I found Whole Latte Love quite useful to start off with. There are reviews of lots of machines and coffees. Given the base for a good latte is a good espresso, there's a lot of information there. There are sections on brewing temperatures, tamping pressures, which brewheads and which grinders to use. Fascinating!

    I had a Krups machine at home which was very basic, started off OK but ended up giving more 'burnt' coffee than good flavour. This was partly because the poor design of it meant that it was very hard to clean coffee grounds from the brewhead. The pump started to go a couple of months ago, just about the time that I got offered a great deal on a Francis Francis! X1 when I got it for £150 rather than £375.

    It's producing beautiful espresso at the moment from both ESE pods and ground coffee. And the way its tamping system works means that the grounds don't get near the brewhead so no burnt/stale coffee taste.

    ESE pods are much better than they used to be and they are much easier to use. I suspect my old cheap Krups would have worked better with pods than grounds - in terms of staying cleaner. My X1 comes with various filters for the ESE pods to vary the amount of crema. Even illy do ESE pods now (although at a much higher price).

    The other problem I had was finding a decent grind. I did buy a coffee grinder but couldn't get it fine enough for good espresso. It was only good for percolated. Some coffee shops will grind the beans for you but again it sometimes depended on which branch and barista did it. I'm using illy ground now with my X1 since it seems to be giving the best results after trying various options.
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    Krups = Kr@p - we got a moderately expensive Krups, it broke, repeatedly, and we found out that Krups had gone bankrupt, was bought by T-Fal (the non-stick cookware people), and parts took 9 months to arrive. It still p!$$#$ out water and steam wherever it wants to.

    We just bought a Saeco all singing all dancing automated machine, but instead of $900 we got it reconditioned for $499 from www.aabreecoffee.com in Portland OR.

    Here's some resources


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