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Mar 20, 2009
Anyone out there who have done the switch from pro/pro max to mini?
My biggest concern is telephoto camera.
Any photo enthusiasts here that went with iPhone 12 mini?

is it possible to achieve any decent photograph with 12 mini?


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Jul 1, 2015
Occasionally.... but the weight and size reduction is something I appreciate everyday.

Capturing my sons athletics for example. Need to stand on sidelines, so the 2x came in handy.

I can still get great shots, but need to crop afterwards.
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Apr 21, 2004

I have yet to miss it. I’m really enjoying the mini. I’m not traveling like I’m used to so I can’t really appreciate not having a telephoto lens.
The times I’ve found it useful was very few exceptions where I thought thankfully I have telephoto but it’s rare. One exception was when I was at the Singapore Zoo zooming in on panda ? and I just thought gosh I love this telephoto lens. Panda sighting aside I don’t miss it.

And frankly I wasn’t super impressed with the lowlight on the 12 max. Not enough to pay nearly 2x as much and certainly not enough to keep it and deal with the heavy weighted and large form factor. The low light pics I took appeared to have too much artificial lighting that made the image look fake. That was somewhat disappointing.

I just went on a day trip to the beach 2 hrs away with my mini and it’s terrific. Great camera and comfortable form factor that doesn’t overwhelm. And love how it disappears in my pocket. I’m not using a case on it since it’s so easy to hold. When I need to do heavy browsing it’s fine, but I also use my iPad Pro 11 which is my other device that’s superior since you can have multiple windows open unlike the Max models.
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Nov 3, 2020
I went from the 12 Pro to the 12 mini.

So far I don’t miss the telephoto lens at all, just zoom or crop the photo after.

But I do also have a very good camera that I can also use.

But for the majority of shots, the regular main camera is more than adequate and produces great results.


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Nov 2, 2008
I missed it going from an X to the 11, triggering my upgrade to the 12 Pro. If not for the telephoto, I would have gone Mini.
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