Who will win in November...

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    State of Denial
    Not who do you want to win, who do you think will win? Let's make it a contest of sorts... pick the winner, the percentage of popular vote, the number of electoral votes, and, in case of a tie-breaker, the new makeup of the House and Senate. No prizes, but the winners will be lauded for their predictive skills, and the losers... well, they'll probably be laughed at depending on how far off they are. :p

    I'll start.

    Kerry, with 46%, 295 electoral votes: Bush will be hurt significantly more by the libertarian-minded conservatives out there than is thought, and Nader won't hurt Kerry as badly as predicted.

    The Republicans will gain 1-2 seats in the Senate, gain 8-12 in the House, and the Libertarian party will get one seat in the House.

    Any takers?
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    Mar 10, 2003
    current polling has Kerry on 322 with Bush on 205 with Tennessee a statistical tie
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    Corporate America!

    I'll say:

    Medical Big Business: 30%

    "Defense" Contractors: 10%

    Tobacco: 10%

    Gun Lobby: 20%

    Religious Zealotry: 20%

    Energy Industry Lobby: 10%

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