Whoa! G5!


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Oct 21, 2001
I just read an article about the G5 on http://www.appleturns.com/
It said to go to this address which is a program for Mac OS X, and thier is a note on the bottom of the page:
"Please note that the shareware version of VueScan is disabled on PowerPC G5 processors."
Whoa! That is crazy. Also look at this excerpt:
"it seems that the new movie "Kate & Leopold " (whose trailer is posted right on Apple's own site) features Meg Ryan's character openly talking about the G5 (and Mac OS 9.6!) on the silver screen for all to see."
I went to go download the trailer, and guess what? I couldn't download it. That seems a little wierd, considering that the G5 is not coming out in MWSF? or is it?


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Oct 21, 2001
My mistake:

My mistake: you could watch the trailer, I watched it, and it is not there, guess it is on the silver screen, not the computer screen. Well, just cross that point out.


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Dec 17, 2001

You sure this isn't just some ploy to get all the Macgeeks to go see a really ****** movie?;)


Jul 9, 2000
mac on the silver screen

macs are heavily featured in movies and seen so much that one would think apple has a 75 percent share of the market

besides the obvious movie "pirates of silicon valley", i have seen macs in "while you were sleeping"- black g3 laptop, "sweet november"- g4s, "hackers"- pre-g3 powerbooks, "blade"- black g3 laptop, "unbreakable"- g4s, and many more

it is probably due in part to steve jobs' connection to hollywood via pixar

while i have seen the rare windows machine on the silver screen ("the preacher's wife" with the angel's guide to windows), i have never seen a linux box and though exact numbers are impossible to trace for linux, their market share could be up near apple's and i have heard linux referred to as the number two operating system and the one that will become the windows killer...i am not suprised that linux is around due to the fact that it is free and now easier to use than before

the actual dos based windows, if not killed by linux, will be killed by windows xp which got their design from you know who, but did microsoft have to have an "X" in their name for their new operating system?

copying the original mac os was bad enough, but xp is the most blatant rip off i have seen using the aqua look at every turn on their new windows

come on, bill gates, can't you come up with something that is not a direct copy of an apple product? even non computer saavy journalists catch the obvious rip off quotient here.

while windows xp has some of the fischer price looks about it, quoting another poster, it is still much better than the sterile 95/nt/98 interface which has offended our eyes for so long...and windows 2000/ME only improved on the original theme only slightly

steve jobs has mentioned he liked the flattery that others use to copy apple but when xp takes over in a way like no other microsoft product ever has, apple will be crying foul and actually may be able to sue the pants off of microsoft both in what they called the operating system and the obvious rip off of the distictive aqua interface with its bright colors and rounded edges

maybe while designing office for apple, microsoft started coming up with ideas for their new operating system and just because they gave apple a chunk of money a few years ago during a very critical time, microsoft felt they could take advantage of apple

what amazes me so much is how many apple people now don't seem to really mind this latest and most bold ripoff attempt by microsoft, the king of the copycats

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Oct 17, 2001
seattle, wa
just shoot me

the boss dood on that show has a titanium powerbook on his desk, has for awhile. they have other macs floating through the show. funny how they get in the ikea catalog also. the movie "the beach" has a ton of iMacs in the ending. and SNL uses them in the computer geek sketches


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Nov 8, 2001
Sin City

in buffy the vampire slayer they have one of the new ibooks, also in the new show smallville they have a crapload of imacs :)


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Jul 10, 2001
Macs, Movies & Linux

Hi Jef, long time no speak.

Apple has always focussed on product placement in movies as a cornerstone of it's marketing strategy and a cost effective means of raising visibility - long before Jobs returned to the company. The most noted examples are Independence Day and Mission Impossible. A PowerBook was actually featured on billboards for MI.

Linux is frequently featured in movies - a notable recent example would be Antitrust, where Ryan Phillippe uses Linux to beat Bill Ga.... I mean Tim Robbins. Linux doesn't always make great cinema because a command line ain't sexy (to most of us) but the various Linux GUIs do make frequent appearances on the big screen.

As part of Apple's agreement with Microsoft in '97, there was a technology cross-licensing agreement which might make it difficult for the two to go head-to-head on IP issues now.

In fact, it was a very poorly drawn up contract in the eighties which underminded Apple's "Look & Feel" case against Windows 95. Despite the fact that 95 clearly used Mac concepts like Trash Can and Control Panels, Microsoft were able to demonstrate that Apple had granted them a license to use these concepts.

Funny how history repeats itself.


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Dec 6, 2001
Walt Disney Animation Studios
Apple on Screen

Yes. Microsoft rips Apple off all the time. But so does Coke and Pepsi, Dr Pepper and Mr. Pibb, the Firebird and the Camaro, the list goes on and on. The thing that sucks, though, is that Apple hasnt been recognized as much for being an 'equal,' and most people now think that Apple rips off Microsoft. Can you believe that?

But I think when it comes to film, people in the creative industry use Apple a helluva lot more than PCs. LA is FULL of Apple this and that. So, its only natural for them to use this product by choice. Hell, even the Target commercials here in the midwest feature Santa Claus doing his shopping on his Titanium Powerbook. However, in post, they take the bright glowing Apple logo off the back of the monitor and Apple doesnt get credit. (again)

However, its nice to go to a movie and often see an Apple glowing brightly on screen. It makes me feel all worm and fuzzy. And yes, they pop up EVERYWHERE. If we had to really make a list of when and where Apple computers have been featured, we'd be here all day