Whooping Cough Epidemic Kills 10 Infants

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    "Whooping cough, also known as pertussis, has claimed the 10th victim in California, in what health officials are calling the worst outbreak in 60 years.
    Since the beginning of the year, 5,978 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of the disease have been reported in California..."


    Jenny McCarthy and the Anti-Vaxxer crowd has blood on it's hand in my opinion. Not only has their ignorance hurt children across the country, but the rates of Autism are actually rising despite more and more parents choosing not to vaccinate, as well as Thimerosal, the supposed culprit of causing autism, being eliminated from Vaccines.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    It is horrible to hear about; pertussis is a very, very nasty illness and on top of being lethal to many people, it causes intense suffering. Many people literally cough so violently that their vocal chords cause the sensation of asphyxiation, they vomit uncontrollably while coughing, can even break certain bones, can damage the spine and can even cause brain hemorrhaging/related issues.

    Jenny McCarthy is less than pond scum; she is a complete idiot with not a scrap of intelligence or truth in her. She has given rise to a new age of parents who will not vaccinate their children. Her and her following have put MANY makers of vaccines out of business and infectious diseases are for the first time in years, rising. They have also been a driving force of thousands of deaths worldwide. She is a complete and total idiot and constantly is invited to public events in which she speaks out against medical technologies with sufficient empirical evidence of its safety profile, and NEVER invites anyone from the 'medical' field. Apparently Jenny McCarthy knows more about medicine than we do, and the thousands of double blinded studies are somehow wrong. You would be amazed how many people have asked me about vaccines and autism/other disorders and even upon being explained the truth, many people will not get their children or themselves vaccinated. She has also stated that Chelation therapy cures Autism, which is an outright lie. Chelation therapy does little more than occasionally destroying your kidneys. In fact, Chelation therapy has a higher death rate than vaccines...hmmmmm. Everything that comes out of that woman's mouth is 100% bull$h!t. Her actions have resulted in the death of many people in developing countries too; not just the US. Most of Europe has enough medical knowledge to tell her to **** off, and some European countries have made it clear that they will not allow her entry to their country. And this woman was married to Jim Carrey, who is perhaps the biggest idiot in the West. I hate it when celebrities do this stuff; they do not realize the implications of their advocating and their actions.

    VACCINES DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM NOR DO DIFFERENT VACCINES CAUSE THE SAME SIDE EFFECTS. No blinded medical study has ever found a causal link with vaccines and autism. It also has not found a causal link for the same condition being caused by varying vaccinations. Some preservatives once used in vaccines did have a more frequent side effect occurrence, but these preservatives have been replaced years and years ago. Thimerosal, has not been linked with autism in any significant manner in real medical studies, and as you noted, has been removed from vaccines for years. Most vaccines have severe adverse effects that affects one person out of thousands; most diseases that we are vaccinated for kills far more than that (certain strains of Ebola kill over 90% of people who get it and Smallpox also kills many people who get it...and don't forget about Polio).
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    The increasing rate of autism is due to it being reclassified as an umbrella covering a large number of disorders, and new ones are discovered.

    But hey. It's just childrens lives. Who gives a crap, right? :)
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    As long as they are their kids, not my kids.
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    To be fair 10 people is a pretty small number in the scale of things.

    It doesn't mean they shouldn't have been vaccinated.
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    As far as the umbrella coverage, medicalization does tend to do that; but as a general rule for modern conditions/disorders/diseases, the number elevates as time goes on. Often, it is due to increased detection capability or the modification of criteria to fit a certain condition.

    The big examples are hypertension and obesity. The guidelines for hypertension changed and so we saw more people have hypertension in documented statistics. Does that mean hypertension rates are skyrocketing? While rates are increasing, diagnosis criteria has had a lot to do with it. Now we also have pre-hypertension, which is often grouped in with hypertension stats. Obesity criteria has been shifted numerous times also, which changes who fits the criteria for the risk factor/disease
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    Apr 8, 2004
    Vaccination doesn't provide immunity to 100% of recipients. What protects all our kids is "herd immunity". Above a certain high (90%? edit: Pertussis is 92-94% - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herd_immunity) level of vaccination pretty much everyone is immune, but once it falls below that even some vaccinated kids may catch it.

    So it could be your kids. You wouldn't know until they get ill.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    ^ +2

    McCarthy and her gang of goons are helping drop the percentage of vaccinated people (and vaccine research) and now we are seeing a shift of infectious disease endemics to epidemics. If you say that it is the parent's right to vaccinate their children, this doesn't hold up as you could be making your child into a walking killing machine. Most schools and dorms require numerous vaccinations before admittance, and I have strongly lobbied to deny housing and education (public and private) to the people who refuse to get vaccinated themselves or have their children vaccinated (for reasons other than medical conditions in which vaccine use is discouraged, provided enough of the rest of the population is vaccinated). So these people who say vaccines are bad are putting the entire population at risk for illness, and even death. They are also helping increase the chances that a biological terrorist attack will have catastrophic impact on us. Also, by dropping the percentage of vaccinated persons, you are exposing people with medical conditions to an increased risk of major infectious disease. The people who are too ill to get certain vaccines can be protected if X of the population has been vaccinated. The idiots who claim vaccines don't work and cause autism have driven immunization rates low enough to where we are seeing problems not unlike what is happening now.

    You don't want to get vaccinated yourself? Fine. You don't want to get your kids vaccinated? Not a problem, but both you and your children should stay the hell out of a school, a mall, public housing, apartment complexes, sporting arenas, grocery stores, etc. Thus far we have made process with banning non-vaccinated persons from most public schools and dormitories, but we need to do more. Unvaccinated persons in any public place is an unnecessary health hazard, and since it is these people's choice to not get vaccinated, they need to accept the results of their actions which IMO should be banning them, and the people they live with (including children) from any public or private place where many people gather. I don't know about everyone else, but I sure as hell am not going to risk the lives of the people I care for simply because someone has decided to believe pseudoscience and has decided that vaccines are bad.
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    Seriously, does that not border on child abuse? At what point do the child's rights as a human come in conflict with the parent's religious rights? At some point or another "we" will have to deal with "your" children, I think that does matter.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    I personally think it is unbelievably selfish and also child abuse to not get your children vaccinated if they are capable of receiving the vaccine in question and I would not associate with anyone who would not give their children common vaccinations. Its definitely a gray area; right to choose is important, but in this case, one's actions (or should I say lack of) has a high chance of harming others and damaging society as a whole. How do we deal with that? If enough people refuse vaccination, others will die, and next thing you know we have multiple epidemics of diseases defeated years ago.

    It also seems that parents who do not vaccinate their children are often rather 'off', or 'not all there'...it seems they believe information from people like Jenny McCarthy('dumberer') and Jim Carrey (dumbererst'), who may be the stupidest people on the face of this planet, over institutions like the NIH, CDC, DHMH, DHS, and any credible organization/group. I often wonder what goes through the head of these kinds of people. Even if you explain "the odds of dying from a vaccine is far lower than the odds of spreading and dying from the same disease without the vaccine". Sometimes I almost want to ask these people if it is their goal to bury their own children and to kill other people.

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