Who's a clever boy then - teen creates quick and easy cancer test


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Nov 5, 2009
Hmmm, remarkably short on details.
He is using mesothelin as a maker in what is basically a strip method, Mesothelin is over-expressed in mesothelioma ovarian and pancreatic adenocarcinoma. I believe he basically found some papers on mesothelin as a marker and another for the carbon strips and joined them for his idea. When you see it you realize is quite simple, but the problem is always being able to see and the kid did that.

I have seen papers on mesothelin as an early biomarker for pancreatic cancer using the normal methods of ELISA or immunohistochemistry. My guess is that this method the kid invented has a sensitivity that is prob. higher than any normal test of it, so prob. a lot more false positives from what I would expect which is why only 0.5% of the labs said yes for him to come work it out.

From what I remember from the papers is that the levels of it cannot differentiate malignant from benign nor as a predictive tool so the method does not really hold validity to have it performed yet. The sensor technique is what he is patenting if I'm not mistaken and one could get it done for other tests which is interesting.

I give mad props to the kid, definitely smarter than most 15 y/olds.