Why Americans Die Of Preventable Health Problems

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    The best way to get in shape and stay in shape is to eat food the way
    our bodies were designed to eat it--yes, to eat in accordance to the
    way that God designed our bodies.

    The best food to eat is natural food that is meant for consumption.
    Food that isn't made for consumption doesn't digest right and is toxic
    to the body so the body stores it in fat. Unnatural (modified and
    artificial) "foods" are not meant for the body--just as substances that
    aren't gas aren't made to go into a car's gas tank (yes--people treat
    their cars better than their bodies--they almost always give their cars
    what they need but they often don't provide their bodies with what
    they need). Some natural things (such as pigs, shell fish and other
    dirty animals as well as toxic plants) aren't made to eat either. Variety
    is always important too so you can be sure to get enough of
    everything your body needs to function properly. Eating a lot is a good
    idea and won't put extra pounds on a person (unless the person is
    eating toxic food) but eating too much is hard on the digestive system
    (and is a bad idea and is unhealthy) since a stomach is only so big.

    The body needs certain things to function properly as a car needs not
    only gas but oil and battery power too. People going on various diets
    starve their body and need to eat what their body needs. Eating
    properly will speed up your healthy weight loss progress.

    Losing weight isn't always healthy--this is because bodies store toxins
    in the fat and if the fat is lost then often times the toxins remain in a
    part of the body that can't store toxins as well as fat can. (Also:
    Because of the toxic diets of farm animals in America it is a bad idea
    to eat animal fat unless you know that the animal ate a healthy diet.)
    Detoxifying the body is a good way to free up toxins so that the body
    can lose fat in a healthy manner.

    One way to detoxify is to sweat. Exercising isn't enough because
    although you may loose fat, it is more healthy to lose the toxins at
    the same time--what I mean is that some toxins are released by
    sweating. Some types of toxic chemicals from pesticides can only be
    released through sweating and cannot be released by the body
    otherwise. This is why exercise is related to health but really it should
    be sweating along with exercise that is more publicized as a healthy
    activity. Standing in a sauna is a good idea for releasing sweat but
    moving your blood is necessary for the best health results since
    exercise moves your blood (so that more toxins in your blood stream
    can be released) and relaxes your body from being tense.

    Today's diets help a person lose weight but the people end up with a
    more toxic body since the "food" in their diet was toxic and their body
    lost fat which made the toxins flow freely in the body for a more
    increased risk of cancer and a body that functions with less efficiency.
    To know if your body is really healthy--eat naturally and see if you
    gain weight. If you do then you are more healthy than before because
    your body is now starting to manage toxins properly by storing them
    in fat. If you continue eating naturally and exercise too then you
    should continue to lose weight (after gaining a little) until you are a
    proper size and weight.

    Here is why society doesn't want you to eat naturally:
    1. It is easier for companies to make more money selling products
    that can be manufactured for a smaller price (yes, natural food is
    2. Medical companies like to make money by giving you drugs (Drugs
    really cause more problems because they either turn off the warning
    light on your dashboard (for example by stopping your body from
    feeling pain) or they sidetrack a problem such as by lowering your risk
    of heart disease it makes your cancer risk increase (most-likely
    leading to a faster death))
    3. Natural food can be made by anyone so brand names don't have as
    big as a money making opportunity without patented specialties
    (which force customers to use a specific product provider) in
    comparison to joining artificial and processed "foods" competition
    4. It takes too long for doctors to educate patients by talking to them
    for an extended period of time (doctors often try to make as much
    money as possible by seeing as many people as possible)

    Here are some personal reasons why people avoid eating healthy:
    1. It is harder to prepare and keep natural food (i.e. white bread
    doesn't spoil--that is to say no life (and bacteria at that which can live
    almost anywhere) can live easily by consuming toxic white bread as a
    food source)
    2. Natural foods have higher prices at the cash register (but the
    medical bills that come later with artificial "foods" are always much
    more expensive)
    3. Non-natural food can be addictive (such as white sugar)
    4. Non-natural food can have an over enhanced flavor that is hard to
    leave behind when eating natural food when you are used to non-
    natural food (natural food does however taste more flavorful when
    your taste buds calm down and you get used to it and then it will be
    hard to eat dull flavored modified "food")

    The results for those who follow society's lead:
    1. Health problems
    2. Depression (from poor physical health and mental self-
    3. Early death
    4. Confusion (such as by doing a good job following a false diet but
    being confused by not getting any better or by looking at the
    packaging on a food that is advertised with the "healthy" false
    marketing term and wondering why it made you sick)
    5. You will waste more money on medical bills and dieting than you
    would if you ate naturally in the first place--but you will usually make
    your body worse if you try the deceptive "remedies" that don't work
    but worsen symptoms (don't get me wrong the doctor that usually
    steals $50 an hour won't always give you the wrong answer but far
    too often the doctor will just give you a prescription not a
    recommendation about how you should eat differently, exercise
    effectively or get into a healthier environment--also there is more than
    one dieting perspective on natural health that works as long as it
    includes the fundamentals of proper dieting)

    A man named Jordan Rubin wrote a book and named it "The Maker's
    Diet" (linked to his book on Amazon.com here) that talks about his
    experience with health problems and his recommendations for solving
    them. He had a poor health until he read in the Bible how God wants
    us to eat and then applied it to his life with success. His health
    discoveries that led him out of an early death from the many
    "diseases" (that he was diagnosed with from poor dieting (i.e. eating
    the wrong things)) are documented in detail throughout his book. I'd
    recommend reading it for the best health success and for a proper
    way to stay at a normal weight. If you don't want to buy it I'm sure it
    is probably at a local library that most of you have access to.

    Here is a list of things to avoid <brand names and common products
    in triangle brackets> [and the common consequence for not doing so
    are in square brackets]:
    - Acesulfame-K (or Acesulfame Potassium) <Coca-cola zero, chewing
    gum, mints, etc.> [cancer (extremely toxic!!--Few tests have been
    done on this chemical but from early analysis it seems to be more
    toxic than aspartame)]
    - Aspartame <NutraSweet (Equal, Diet Soda, etc.)> [cancer, brain
    damage, Multiple Sclerosis and much, much more (extremely toxic!--
    Some health organizations label this more toxic than tobacco
    products--it was developed by the Monsanto chemical and pesticide
    company and might work as a sweet pesticide that can get rid of an
    ant problem)]
    - Hydrogenated Oils <Frito-Lay, most peanut butters, non-cold
    presses and non-expeller pressed oils, Eggo waffles, so many other
    products I'll just stop here> [heart disease (the number one killer in
    the US--it kills nearly half of the people here)]
    - Aluminum <Eggo waffles, frozen dinners, donuts, baking powder,
    pans, aluminum foil, etc.> [Alzheimer’s disease]
    - Homogenized milk <many types of dairy products and many
    products with dairy ingredients> [heart disease]
    - Pasteurized products <dairy products, juices, etc.> [digestive
    - Tobacco products <Cigarettes, chewing tobacco (usually worse than
    cigars), etc.> [cancer, lung problems, etc.]
    - Free glutamic acid (or MSG or monosodium glutamate) <hidden in
    ingredients that some might not know contain free glutamic acid such
    as: milk casein, hydrolyzed proteins, some natural flavors, etc.>
    [throat cancer, brain damage, deadly allergic reactions]

    There are so many other modified and otherwise unnatural products
    that I will only give a list of a few more and not mention the side
    effects and/or the brand names/common products unless any of you
    are curious:
    - White sugar
    - Sorbitol
    - Saccharin
    - Sucralose
    - Food coloring
    - Genetically modified plants
    - Foods high in pesticides
    - Non-organic food (be careful some food labeled "organic" isn't good
    - Concentrated juices (get the fresh squeezed kind or even blend it for
    the pulp that your body needs best yet just eat the fruit with no
    modification the way God designed it)
    - Pork
    - Shellfish
    - Toxic plants

    Also drink lots of water to flush out toxins. Avoid laxatives, eat slowly
    and chew a lot for proper digestion with the enzymes that your saliva
    produces. Your body was designed to eat food in a specific way--that's
    what the Bible is for--it's our owner's manual for the best life possible
    and for living under God's guidance, protection and loving hands.

    God Bless
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    Why on eath can you eat cows and sheep (presumably?) but not a pig? :confused:
    edit: You know, your advice would come over a lot better if you left god out of it. To a large extent most of what you said is probably true and is common sense...but of course, people are stupid.
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    i just had a Bacon/Saus/Mush/Egg Roll and it was mighty tasty -
    the only question i had on my mind was how can they buy and cook all this for £2.25 ?

    the mind boggles :rolleyes:
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    It's simple--it's not Kosher--God tells us to stay away from it by not eating it in the Bible since it is unclean. Plus who would want to eat an animal that Jesus cast demons into? Read the story here.

    So you think I'm joking in regards to my claim that Americans have poor diets? If you live in America then you're the one who has got to be kidding. If you don't live in America then you need to read the news--then you'll learn that I'm only telling the truth.
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    I'd laugh my socks off if I thought you were joking, sadly, I know you're not. oh dear...

    I like me my devil pigs thanks.
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    Hold on here. Whatever happened to Paul and God's command to Paul to eat all animals?
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    Think about how cheap it is to buy a PC or for example how cheap it is to shop at Wal-Mart--what's the result of eating cheaply? It's the same result that you get by shopping cheaply for anything else. A poor and low quality result. Take care of your body--it's the only one you've got.
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    Humans are essentially a species of ape. Therefore if we look at the diet of apes in the wild it should give us a clue as to what we should be eating. Apes eat mostly fruit, seeds and veg, no dairy into adulthood, and only occasional meat. They also don't cook their food.

    So eat as much salad, seeds and raw fruit as you can, avoid dairy as much as possible, and if you choose to eat meat or fish only do so two or three times a week. Over-processed or overly fatty food is also not good. Avoid if possible.
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    That's where you're wrong!

    I've got another one that's being kept safe in a sealed fridge!
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    GodBless, as you appear to have "Gods" ear does She/he/it have a position on Cannibalism,good,bad or only if it involves factory farming?
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    But it tasted sooooo good

    so what do you eat then ?
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    I don't disagree, but as I said, lacing this information in religious mumbo-jumbo will just switch most people off and get their backs up.
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    Of course the word "Satan" literally means "adversary"--he tries to cause trouble by deceiving people into believing things like garbage eating animals aren't really garbage for people's bodies--when the reality is that garbage eating pigs are not Kosher and God told us to not eat pork for our personal health benefits.
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    How about we use this thread to talk about diet rather than religion? The man has a point. Westerners are increasingly lardarsed and on average are getting bigger, and it's mostly because we are eating the wrong things.
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    No--read this.
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    That would really depend on if the OP can keep religion out of it.
    Indeed he does!

    No hope of that then :rolleyes:
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    The argument falls down because pigs are exceptionally clean animals.
    The only go to the toilet in one place and do not sleep or eat near that area.
    They will naturally root around for fresh food, be it animal or vegetable.
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    Communard de Londres
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    Life would indeed be a sad place without the nurturing effects of some nice pork...

    ... but I prefer beef
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    If god didn't want us to eat bacon sarnies he wouldn't have invented hangovers and HP sauce!
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    The point is that diet and the Bible are inseparable (unless you'd rather have an unhealthy diet)--the Bible is the owners' manual for everything including one's diet and is clear on how our bodies were designed for the best results.

    Yes and if we eat the way the Bible tells us to then we will get the best results. I have done a lot of studying on health in general but I do make a lot of tie-ins with the Bible for a good stable view on health. I might be able to give recommendations for solving anyone's health problems if you guys let me know what it is. If you have a certain symptom then I might know the ingredient(s) that could be causing it.
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    AMEN :D HP Sauce mmmmmm

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