Why Apple is the ONLY choice for everyone!


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There has been some talk about the comparisons tween Apple and the usual assoted Wintel boxes. One thread in general is the DO or Die for apple in newyork.

Recently there has been posted in various web sites of the actions that Hotmail has taken against their users by enabling certain options that share users information behind members backs.

I have a hotmail account and will be ending it.

I imagine that this is the least of sins done against loyal Wintel users.
Still I find it ignorant and disgusting not to mention outright and blatant abuse. Certainly this outright disregard for privacy among the other moral issues that M$ has shown a weakness in, makes it very clear that processor speed and hardware specs are not the true issue. That is the rift tween the two companys.

It is beginning to seem to me that MAC's are not the best computers, they are the ONLY ones that are a viable choice.


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Dec 29, 2001
I agree but
I think that the mac is the best computer company on the market
because ....it has the best OS being OS X
with out it alot of people wouldn't have macs today and the ease of use plays a huge roll when selecting a computer
I probably wouldn't have a mac if I didn't win one
lucky for I did win...but if I didn't I would have had some 2ghz P4 thing
MAC forever


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Mar 12, 2002
BrisVegas, Australia
ok, Microsoft is, um, ....... yes. but i don't care about that stuff, all i want is something that runs Photoshop fast enough for me. the past few years i've been using PCs i haven't had hardly any problems, and XP is very good. and i like the design of Macs alot better. and i also love OS X. but when i get Photoshop 7 on Monday i'll see if i just wasted $5200.

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
My reasons for having mac:

• I do not get on with Windows, it makes me get angry and stressed out
• I dislike Windows IT people who take it as the ONLY viable IT operating system
• I have owned a mac since before I was born
• I already know the mac (OS9) inside out and (OSX) to a fairly good level although I have quite a way to go :)
• I can TRUST my macintosh, I cannot trust any machine that isn't a UNIX or Macintosh (ie. Windows :))
• I used Atari because I didn't want to use Windows, now I use Mac because I don't want to use Windows.
• I like to be different
• Macs are still useful even after 15 years of life, Windows based PCs are not.
• Microsoft have tooooo much control over the market
• Highly intelligent people (even Windoze users) agree the Macintosh is a better platform
• OSX made the best just get better
• Steve is God
• Apple has a cult behind it (like this site :))
• It would not be my style to use a beige box that is horrible.

I have some reason for not using the mac, will go find them...


King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
Here is probably the main reason I have been using Macs:
I was born using Macs.
I was raised using Macs.
I will continue using Macs.

Here is why I will not switch to Windows:
I was not born using Windows.
I was raised using boring, buggy and bulky PCs with Windows.
I have never seen so many types of errors on PCs in the time I have spent at Pascack Hills since my old elementary, which can go !!!!

Besides, I am on a streak. I have already converted someone at class to get an iPod and support Apple. That is one down, another 6 billion to go! :)

Any time is a great time for iPod.


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Nov 25, 2001
Champaign, IL, USA
Grokgod -- I'd disagree with any statement saying "Why _insert here_ is the ONLY choice for everyone!"... but I take your point about ms.

here's why I use macs:

When I was a little kid, the first computer I had access to was a Mac (i still remember taking great joy in renaming Hard Disk to Hard Dic.k... LoL). Then wintels became cheaper and did pretty much everything apple's did... dark days of 97 passed... ibooks and imacs looked far too 'fruity'... i got bored of windows and moved over to linux... ... when installing qt on a wintel i noticed on the apple site "Mac OSX Industrial Strength UNIX based OS" and i was sold... I got a white ibook in jan this year and I'm now a mac os x bigot...


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Apr 2, 2002
Hong Kong
im not quite remebering where i heard this but in another thread a while ago somone said that most people that use apple's computers are part of a culture...

this is very much true. i mean, just about all people use their pcs for work, as a tool, while we are passionate about that tool. i mean, just about all people that like macs happen to be a lot mroe "geeky" in a way, because they almost always know more about their mac, than most pc users would know about their pcs.

basically i guess that mac users are more passionate about the stuff they use..

maybe its these people that use macs, cause they know the machine better and are smarter than most pc guys :D ...

i think that this is one of many reasons why apple would never bvetray us.


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Nov 3, 2001
Indianapolis, IN
Originally posted by firewire2001
[...]i think that this is one of many reasons why apple would never bvetray us.
Whoa there, Sparky.. before you ruin your knees genuflecting in front of that Golden Apple you worship, get a grip.. Apple is not divine, or gifted, or special, or more "friendly" or honorable, or whatever word you choose than the next company. What Apple DOES do, is understand that when you have a minority grip on a market, you don't make any more money by making customers hate you. Apple is now a well managed company, which is rare enough in the computer business that it makes it look benevolent.. it's not. It's a business. It's good business to not screw your customers. Given Microsoft's marketshare, Apple would likely be seen as much less benevolent.. but at least it would still not have Ballmer and Gates at the helm, doing what they do. "Making Stupid the Standard"
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