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    There are lots of apps (and tv series, etc) with fake reviews in the AppStore, and we know it because of the shameless endorsements and straight 5-star ratings. :mad:

    But now that Apple is beginning to tackle the problem, the sophistication is only going to go up, and we won't be able to tell an actual review from a fake! :eek:

    One thing Apple could do is to allow for the established reviewers, that have their reputations at stake, like AppVee, 148Apps, TouchArcade, etc to have a space on top of the anonymous reviews, where they could post a star rating along with their logo, optionally linking to their sites when the app deserves a more in-depth review. They could even be allowed access to pre-release apps during the approval process. ;)

    This practice is fraud, plain and simple. Lets hope Apple gives us something more dependable before this becomes a scandal. :p

    If you like the idea of giving established reviewers a space in the AppStore, say YES. :D

    Note: I am in no way associated with any of the "established reviewers" I mentioned, or with any other one ftm. My only interest is as a consumer.

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